WarmAIR Reviews – How Long Does It Take To Heat Up A Bedroom?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : March 25, 2022

WarmAIR Heater gets you winter-ready, ahead of time. It is never too early to invest in a good product to fight the daunting winter ahead, what with climate change and everything else. Portable heaters are the way to go. Our WarmAIR reviews will give you a piece of in-depth knowledge regarding this device

WarmAIR ReviewsDoes This Room Heater Consume More Electricity?

WarmAIR room heater brings you personal heating solutions at affordable rates. The manufacturers claim that it is capable of heating up large spaces within just two minutes. Could this be the way to avoid large electricity bills during winters? To continue reading this WarmAIR review, to find out its features, benefits, and more of this device. 

WarmAIR Reviews
Device NameWarmAIR Heater
CategoryRoom Heater
Main Benefits
  • Helps to keep your surroundings cozy and warm
  • Uses less electrical energy
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Portable
  • Customizable Heating
  • Cleans the Air
  • Environment-Friendly Design
  • Temperature RangeUp to 122 degrees
    Power Range650W – 1200W
    Multi-Pack Available in 1 Heater, 2 Heaters, 3 Heaters
    Money-back Guarantee30 days
    Availability Only Through Official Website
    Official websiteClick Here

    What Is WarmAIR Heater?

    WarmAIR is a portable air heater manufactured in the US. It is a compact device that can be carried around everywhere, even when you travel. It is suitable for people of all ages. Furthermore, it warms up any room that it is placed in without causing any environmental damage. It is safe for use around children and pets. WarmAIR heater uses copper curls to warm up the air that enters through the vents. It absorbs cool air from the room and heats it up before releasing it back. 

    WarmAIR Heater Device

    Main Features Of WarmAIR Heater

    Here are the main WarmAIR features listed below:


    It works rather quickly. Using this heater, you can heat up an entire room within a span of just two minutes. It can raise the temperature of the room up to 75° in a short span of time. There is no lag time after switching the device on. You can place it in a room 2 to 3 minutes before you enter. You can leave it on throughout the day, and it does not impact much on the electricity bill. It uses less power than regular commercial heaters. The power range is between 650 and 1200 Watts. It is constructed using PTC ceramic. WarmAIR heating device is equipped with an internal air blower and consumes less power.

    Automation for Safety

    Safety is an important feature of the WarmAIR heater. Many aspects of the product design focus on preventing overheating. When it reaches a certain temperature that could be considered dangerous for your family, it automatically switches off. The current threshold is 122° F. When it reaches this temperature, the automatic cooling feature sets in. The temperature reduces to 104°. If overheating happens more frequently, i.e. if the device hits 122° three times, the WarmAIR device automatically switches off. If the device happens to get knocked over or falls on the ground, it switches off immediately. There is no fire safety hazard.

    Customizable Heating

    The device begins to operate as soon as it is switched on. WarmAIR room heater can heat up 300 ft.²   Of space within just two minutes. Furthermore, it is flexible in the temperature options. The standard rise in temperature is a default feature. However, if you wish to alter the temperature- reduce it or increase it to a safe level, you can do so. It is easy to adjust the timing as well as the temperature on the device using the control panel. 

    Cleans the Air

    WarmAIR heater gadget uses nano filters for multiple reasons. Firstly, there is a lot of pollution in the air. It is natural that any device that attracts air to itself collects the dust and mold from the air. The nano filters help prevent the accumulation of dirt in the air. It cleans out all the unwanted particles, and they do not get stored in the device as well. It helps clean the air around when used regularly by removing all the dust and hazardous particles in the air. None of the dust or other harmful particles from the air get recirculated back.

    Environment-Friendly Design

    You will not know that it is there, other than by being able to enjoy the warmth all around you. Unlike other heaters, the WarmAIR room heater is completely quiet. It saves a lot of energy as it uses very less power. Your electricity bills are considerably lower. WarmAIR humidifier uses as much power as your hairdryer does, at most. And because it is minimal, it does not get in the way of anyone. As I said, you will not know that it is there.

    WarmAIR Heater Features

    How Does WarmAIR Heater Work?

    WarmAIR heater is a portable device that you place in rooms and switch on to begin heating. It converts electrical energy to heat energy to warm up rooms without using too much electricity. It efficiently uses electricity to heat the copper coils within it to radiate heat to the surrounding area. 

    Likewise, it comprises a ceramic convection framework that generates a lot of heat without using a lot of power. Ceramic plates absorb heat from the copper coils and spread it around. It also filters out pollutants and microbes from the air, leaving the room warm, free of dust, odor, and germs. There is no worry about humidity either. 

    WarmAIR Heater Working

    Benefits Of WarmAIR Heater

    Some of the WarmAIR heater benefits are as follows:

    • Compact and sleek, visually appealing design.
    • Quick heating within two minutes of being switched on.
    • Uses less electrical energy- cost-effective.
    • Can be used in any personal space, whether at home or in the office.
    •  Long-lasting device without scope for structural damage. 
    • Can be used for prolonged periods of time.
    • Safe to use around children and pets.
    • Filters odor, pollutants and germs from the air.
    • Requires minimal maintenance.
    • Customizable heating options available.
    • Suitable for individuals and families.
    • Portable device that can be carried anywhere and is suitable for traveling.
    • Consistent heating.
    • Inbuilt safety features to prevent overheating and related hazards.
    WarmAIR Heater Benefits

    WarmAIR Heater Pros & Cons

    It is good to know the merits and what’s not great about the WarmAIR room heater before you make your choice. Here are the top pros and cons. 


    • Built-in automated safety features.
    • Energy-efficient design.
    • Moderate Pricing.
    • Compact and Portable. 
    • Quick heating features.
    • Good customer reviews.


    • Only available online.
    • Might not always get a discount.
    • The device sells out too fast.

    Is WarmAIR Heater Legit?

    WarmAIR heater appears to be legit. It comprises regular features you expect from conventional heaters and presents them in a compact and convenient form. It provides you with all the benefits of a conventional heater in a portable manner.

    The small size and design allow for quick action. You can use it to warm the surrounding air within a 350 ft.² Space comfortably. It does not dry the air much. As a bonus, it cleans the air around itself by taking in all the pollutants and bacteria present in the air. I looked into different WarmAIR Heater reviews, and they appeared genuine. The price is moderate and reasonable as well. 

    WarmAIR Heater Customer Reviews & Complaints

    WarmAIR Heater Customer reviews are largely positive. Most customers express positive responses to the safety features and appear to be impressed by the speed of action of the heater. Customers report that it is very easy to carry around. It does not make any noise either, and one customer said that she completely forgot it was even there. I did not find any complaints regarding the gadget during my research. 

    Pricing & Availability Of WarmAIR Heater

    WarmAIR heater is only available on the official website. The manufacturer does not sell through Amazon or other online stores. You will not find the original WarmAIR Heater in retail stores, either. You can purchase WarmAIR Heater from their official website only


    • Buy 3 WarmAIR, GET 2 FREE ($ 30/each)
    • Buy 2 WarmAIR, GET 1 FREE ($ 36/each)
    • Buy 1 Unit- ($59.00/ each)
    • 2 Units- ($45.00/each)
    • 3 Units- $109.00
    • 4 Units- ($132.00/each)

    Final Verdict On WarmAIR Reviews

    Among the many options for personal heaters on the market, WarmAIR heater appears to be a strong competitor. It is moderately priced and safe to use at home or in the office. It stands out with a unique design and compact size. WarmAIR heaters can be placed anywhere in the room. It is safe to use in homes with children and pets. By the deep research and referring to other WarmAIR reviews we can conclude that this device seems to be more positive. There are very few complaints. 

    It is suitable for those looking for small-sized personal heaters with personalized features. WarmAIR is not available for purchase offline. It turns itself off after six hours of continuous usage. The inbuilt safety features contribute to the pros of the product. Compared to traditional heaters, the energy consumed is lower. 


    Where can I buy WarmAIR Heater? 

    You must buy the product only on the official website and here is the link for that:

    Is WarmAIR Heater Safe?

    Yes, it is safe. There is no worry about overheating or fire hazards owing to the safety features in place.

    Is WarmAIR Heater available outside the US?

    Yes, WarmAIR ships to numerous countries across the world. Shipping rates may differ.

    Does WarmAIR Heater offer any warranty?

    Yes, there is a three-year warranty on this device. You can purchase the warranty at a nominal price along with the heater. 

    Can I adjust the time on WarmAIR Heater?

    Yes. You can decide whether you want the heater to work for one hour, three hours, or whatever duration you like. 


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