See the Largest Burmese Python Ever Captured in Florida

The Conservancy said on Wednesday that its wildlife biologists had caught the biggest Burmese python found in Florida so far

The female was found in December 2021. She was almost 18 feet long (5.5 metres) and weighed 215 pounds (97 kilograms)

Researchers found the snake by using a programme in which radio transmitters are put into male snakes.

The researchers said that the snake fought back, and it took them 20 minutes of fighting with her before they were able to catch her

More than 1,000 pythons have been captured by the Conservancy so far

At 215 pounds and 18 feet long, the female python had 122 eggs inside of her

Collier County is where the snake was found

In Florida, Burmese pythons are seen as an invasive species

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