Great White Shark Attacks California Man

Scientists believe Steve Breummer of California survived an attack by one of the world's largest great white sharks

When the 62-year-old victim was swimming off Lover's Point in Pacific Grove last week, he was brutally attacked

Although he suffered severe injuries in his stomach, arms, and legs, his rescuers acted quickly and saved his life

When Steve was alone in the water, he was attacked. A surf instructor and two paddleboarders helped him get back to shore

The 62-year-old man lost more than 25 pints of blood, but he was able to stop bleeding in the hospital

"We got my biggest board, and a man named Paul helped me roll the victim onto it on his stomach and make sure he was steady

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that the shark was a great white

Experts said the predator is 20 feet long, which is the same length as the largest known great white shark, a female named Deep Blue

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