How To Tell If A DIamond Is Real

1. Use the fog test
As if you were fogging a mirror, place the stone in front of your mouth

2.Check the setting and mount
Set in inexpensive metal, an expensive stone is unlikely

3.Use a loupe made for jewellers to look at the diamond

4. Breath Test 
Place the stone close to your mouth and breathe on the diamond's flat side

5.Newspaper Test
When the stone is a little bit bigger, the newspaper test works well

6.Water Test
You should put a diamond in a glass of water. Only if your diamond is loose will this work

7.Scratch Test
Take the stone and try to scratch a piece of glass with it. This is the scratch test

8.Loupe Test
To easily identify lower-quality diamonds, do this test if you have a jewellery loupe and a basic grasp of diamonds

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