Mesa woman warns of West Nile virus

After a record number of deaths and cases of West Nile virus in Maricopa County in 2021

In the year 2022, there are twelve cases and one death

One woman is telling her story because her husband died of the virus seven months ago

"My husband was in fine condition. "If it can happen to him, a healthy 71-year-old man, it can happen to you," Vickie Beard said

She said that her husband woke up paralysed and later died from West Nile virus. "We met when I was 16

Her new aim is to raise awareness about the illness that killed her spouse. Proactive. Beard suggested bug spray

Keeping in mind that you might be bitten by a mosquito anywhere, the best thing you can do is to take precautions

Beard wants a new vaccine or new treatments for West Nile. She wants seriousness

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