Millions Of Americans Get $750 In August

Colorado governor Jared Polis announced last week that tax-filing residents will get their Full refunds starting in late August

According to the state, the state legislature of Colorado has the power to decide how to return extra tax money

When it was first announced, checks were supposed to be $500 for single filers and $1,000 for Joint filers

However, the state had a strong economic recovery, resulting in Larger refunds, according to the Governor's Office

Individuals will earn $750 and joint filers will receive $1,500 under the new tax rebate scheme

Governor Polis said that people who want their tax rebates this summer must file their returns by June 30

The state says that people who are eligible will get their money in the mail in August or September.

Colorado's legislature initially set the filing deadline as May 31 but extended it by a month to allow more taxpayers to claim the money

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