Russian journalist sells Nobel Prize for record $103.5 million to help Ukrainian kids

Dmitry Muratov, a Russian journalist, sold his Nobel Peace Prize for a huge sum of $103.5 million to help children who had to leave their homes because of the war in Ukraine.

Maria Ressa of the Philippines shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Muratov in 2021

Dmitry Muratov will share the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. He is also the editor of one of Russia's last major independent newspapers.

Heritage Auctions, which held the New York auction on World Refugee Day, said in a statement that all of the auction's earnings will go to UNICEF

Since 1999, Putin, Russia's supreme leader, has relentlessly targeted liberal Russian media outlets

The Kremlin's discourse on the war with Ukraine is carefully followed by Russia's mainstream media and state-controlled organisations.

The previous record for a Nobel medal auction was slightly under $5 million, according to U.S. media sources.

Leaving Russia on Thursday, Muratov began his journey to New York City, where live bidding would begin on Monday afternoon.

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