Todd And Julie Chrisley Speak Out After Convictions

Todd and Julie Chrisley opened out about their state of mind in the aftermath of their conviction

Todd and Julie Chrisley are coming out after being convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion this month

Chrisleys were accused of obtaining $30 million in illicit loans by inflating their net worth and borrowing from minor banks

When Todd filed for bankruptcy in 2012, around $20 million of that loan obligation was wiped entirely, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Prosecutors also said that the couple didn't pay their taxes and tried to hide the money they made from being on TV

Todd said. "We don't want you to spend money on things like that," they said

He also said that he and Julie "don't need anything" and that "prayer is the best gift you could give us." When Julie said, "Amen,"

Real-life celebrities were found guilty of a conspiracy to fraudulently obtain loans totaling more than $30 million

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