World’s biggest Freshwater Fish, A 660-pound Stingray, caught In Cambodia

Cambodian and American scientists and researchers prepare to release a giant freshwater stingray.

The Mekong River in Cambodia has yielded the world's largest freshwater fish, a huge stingray

Snail weighing less than 300 pounds was grabbed on June 13 at a distance of about four metres (13 feet) from nose to tail (660 pounds),

The previous record for a freshwater fish was a Mekong big catfish discovered in Thailand in 2005, which weighed 646 pounds (293 kilogrammes).

Local fisherman south of Stung Treng in northeastern Cambodia caught the stingray.

Flowing from China through Myanmar to Laos to Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam is the Mekong River.

70 percent of big freshwater fish globally are threatened with extinction, and all of the Mekong species.”

This is the fourth female big stingray to be found in the same location in the last two months, according to researchers

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