Wedding Bell Rings!!’Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Joe Amabile And Serena Pitt Are Moving Together To NYC

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 12, 2022

After meeting on the summer season of “Bachelor in Paradise” in 2021, Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt became engaged on the show’s finale in 2022. They have been splitting their time between Chicago and Toronto since returning to Mexico in August. Joe currently resides in Chicago, and Serena now lives in Toronto.

Is Joe Amabile Getting Married To Serena Pitt?

After months of deliberation, Joe and Serena have yet to decide where they want to settle down full-time. On January 27, 2022, in the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, Joe shared an update on their progress.

Wedding Bell Rings!!'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Joe Amabile And Serena Pitt Are Moving Together To NYC.

Joe and Serena are taking it easy this weekend

The last time Joe fell in love with “Bachelor in Paradise,” things didn’t turn out quite as he had hoped. He was in a relationship with Kendall Long for nearly two years; however, the two eventually broke up.

According to Us Weekly, Joe traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles to give his relationship with Kendall a chance, but he ended up wishing he had stayed in Chicago. Even though Kendall desired to be near his own family if he decided to create a family, he was apprehensive about moving to Los Angeles.

Joe and Serena, on the other hand, appear to be concentrating their efforts this time on determining what will work best for both of them in the long run. They’re taking things one step at a time, and thus far, everything is going smoothly.

” It’s incredible that Joe and Serena were able to maintain an LDR. The way Serena handles the visa matter, on the other hand, has piqued my interest. For someone who was also in an LDR between the United States and Canada, figuring out the visa paperwork was a major headache “, a Redditor commented on the episode in a discussion about it.

Is Joe’s willingness to relocate to New York something that has been considered? Going to Chicago will probably be less complicated than going to Los Angeles because it’s closer to Chicago. ” While I was sad for Kendall, another commenter added, “It still made me sad.”.

We’ll be in New York next week, and we’re hoping to be able to sign a lease during our time there. That is the plan of action. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the 35-year-old reality television celebrity discussed his collaboration with Captain Morgan “I believe it’s [in] Brooklyn.” We were looking for something a little more low-key in New York. ” 

The effect has been us having to travel back and forth between Chicago and Toronto, which has been difficult. Since I last heard from Serena, I assume she has lived out of a suitcase for the past eight months. So that’s what we came up with to find a place where we could both be close to our families while yet being where we wanted to be.”

Joe Amabile is willing to give up his job in Chicago to be with his girlfriend, Serena. To their credit, Joe and Serena’s conversation looks to be going more smoothly this time around, and Joe even appears to be willing to make a concession this time around.

Because Serena is from Toronto and Joe is from Chicago, those two cities and a third are all viable alternatives.

Following the completion of Bachelor in Paradise, Joe stated to E! News that he and his fiancée “are on the same page” about where they want to live and how they want to do it. Meanwhile, we’re commuting between Chicago and Toronto, and we’re hoping to move in together in the spring. According to the couple, the locations might be Chicago, Toronto, or even New York City. We, on the other hand, will be on the East Coast.”

As for the advantages of migrating to New York City, Joe stated that “everything is around one hour away.”

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