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In Which Way West Virginia Turned A Covid Catastrophe Is Explained Here

Unfortunately, politics has taken precedence over the coronavirus epidemic in the United States. We first saw it when people objected to people wearing masks. Today, the debate continues over who will and will not be vaccinated against measles.

The consequences of this political division are never more evident than in West Virginia. During this time, the epidemic is sweeping across Mountaineer State.

In Which Way West Virginia Turned A Covid Catastrophe Is Explained Here

West Virginia has been a vaccine success story, according to the CDC. In the early days of March, the state of West Virginia was rated fourth in the nation in terms of the proportion of the adult population that had been vaccinated. The state of California and its governor, Jim Justice, has earned considerable acclaim for their vaccination rollout.

In Which Way West Virginia Turned A Covid Catastrophe Is Explained Here

However, West Virginia currently ranks lowest in the country in terms of the proportion of the population aged who has received all of their vaccinations. As per the Centers for Disease and Prevention, just 48 percent of people have received all of their recommended vaccinations. As a result, West Virginia is the only state in the US where fewer than half of the adult population has received all of their recommended vaccinations.

While Governor Jim Justice has pleaded with residents of West Virginia to obtain the vaccination, the state’s sluggish adoption of the vaccine is disappointing. Despite the fact that Justice has still not called for a vaccination mandate, he has essentially done everything else. He held memorable news conferences and gave out prizes in an effort to increase the vaccination coverage in his state, which was a success.

In reality, Justice has been overpowered by the demographic and social forces that have hampered the immunization campaign throughout the country. Once vaccinations were more widely available throughout the country, it became too much about how well governments (and their leaders) administered vaccines and much more about whether or not people were ready to accept the immunizations.

It seems that there haven’t been that so many grownups in the Mountaineer State who have been willing to do so in the past.

Politics is at the heart of the problem. West Virginia is considered to be one of the more Republican US states. In the presidential election of 2020, Donald Trump, former President, won the state by almost 40 points.

Wyoming, which ranks in the bottom 3 for adult immunization as well, was the only state in which he won by a greater margin. Since then, as I’ve already said, the relationship between immunization rates in states or how those voters went in the 2020 presidential election has become even more significant each time. President Joe Biden narrowly won Georgia, which is the single state that voted blue in 2020, and is among the lowest 15 states in the country when it comes to adult immunizations.

Indeed, none of Trump’s pleas about the vaccination have been successful. He urged individuals to be vaccinated against Covid-19, but not to the same extent as Justice. Trump was booed as he took the stage.

It is less well known that education levels have been shown to be strongly linked with vaccination rates. The states with the highest proportion of college-educated adults had, on average, a ten-point higher proportion of their adult population immunized than the states with the lowest proportion of college-educated people, according to the CDC.

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