What Is The Definition Of Full Vaccination?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 10, 2021

Since the findings of Omicron, many people are now questioning how many vaccines would a person be needing in order to be fully vaccinated. To this question, Dr. Anthony Fauci the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease responded stating that even though we might be seeing ourselves in the endemic the word fully vaccinated is a long journey still for us. It is better to state 3rd dose rather than stating that 3 doses mean a person is fully vaccinated.

What Is The Definition Of Full Vaccination?

Earlier before the arrival of booster shot a person having 2 shots was considered as fully vaccinated however that definition changed with the onset of Omicron. Fauci stated that the term can only be defined once a cure has been found against the new virus. Amidst this Pfizer stated that taking the booster shot will help a person fight off the new variant as well. However, no decision has been on tweaking the current vaccine for Omicron. Mikael Dolsten the scientific officer for Pfizer stated booster shots are a necessity if you want to stay out of the hospital.

What Is The Definition Of Full Vaccination?

Leaders reminded people vaccination does not guarantee ultimate protection however, it is meant to slow down the virus and eliminate it. Hospitalization gets lowered if people take all their vaccines thereby helping nurses and doctors. Michelle Lujan Grisham the governor of New Mexico has urged people publicly to get their booster shots as well if they are eligible for it which is if they have completed 6 months since their last vaccine. 

As per regulations set by the government, the current definition of full vaccination is 2 doses. In New York and other cities wherein only fully vaccinated people are allowed they need to show 2 certificates to get in. However, this might be changed in the future and people might also have to show proof of their booster shots as well.

None of the companies have asked their employees to show the certificates for booster shots and the current mandate is just for 2 vaccines. People state that they would be needing a paid leave day if 3rd vaccine is made mandatory. Going to get your vaccination can take a whole day and many people might also experience some side effects. If this is made mandatory companies will have to provide this paid leave as well to their employees. Due to the arrival of Omicron, many of the tech companies which were scheduled to open in January has postponed their return to office wave and have asked employees to continue working from home until further notice.

Many of the parents have also asked schools to go back to online learning as the US is seeing more cases in this 3rd wave of the delta. School authorities have not yet decided if they will continue in-person teaching or switch back to online learning. Many of the teachers and students have said that in-person teaching is much better and it also helps the students understand the concepts much better.

Currently, the government is providing free home test kits to all the people who have health insurance which is a good thing. As people are now going out for work they need to test themselves now and then. Earlier the test kits used to cost anywhere between $15 to $40 which was not affordable by many families.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has stated that more data about Omicron will be obtained in the coming weeks. Once the new information is received the US might lower the current travel restrictions set for international flyers.

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