Whitney Alford’s Boyfriend, Age, Parents, Baby, Net Worth, Height!!

A licensed California esthetician, Whitney Alford also works as a cosmetics artist and social media star. As soon as she announced she was engaged to Kendrick Lamar, she became an overnight sensation. The release of his second studio album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, catapulted him to superstardom.

Are Kendrick And Whitney Together? Read About Whitney Alford’s Boyfriend, Age, Parents, Kid, Net Worth, Height!!

On May 12th, 1986, Whitney Alford was born to her parents in Compton, California, and she is an American citizen. Whitney Alford will turn 35 in 2021, assuming her birth certificate is accurate.

Taurus is her zodiac sign since she is an Earth sign. She grew up in an affluent neighborhood with strong hip-hop culture. Centennial High School was where Whitney completed her secondary education.

Whitney Alford: Quick Facts

  • She and her fiance were the most stylish couple at numerous gatherings.
  • When Lizzy Goodman first met Whitney, she assumed she was Lamar’s sister because the two appeared so at ease around one another.

Age And Early Life Of Whitney Alford

A Compton, California native, Alford will celebrate her 34th birthday in 2020. (California, U.S.A.). Her horoscope sign is Taurus, and she was born on the 12th of May each year. Alford will turn 35 on May 12th, 2021.

Despite having a white mother and an African American father, she has a mixed heritage. Compton, California’s Centennial High School is where she graduated from high school. For the most part, we’re guessing that the college she went to was located near her hometown.

Whitney Alford’s Net Worth And Career

It’s no surprise that Whitney has found success as a makeup artist, cosmetologist, and esthetician in Los Angeles, the most expensive city in the country. Most of her clients are celebrities and the wealthy and famous. She has worked hard to build a thriving beauty salon in Los Angeles. Whitney Alford’s net worth in the United States is expected to reach between $1.5 million and 2 million dollars in 2022, according to various sources.

Despite having a degree in accounting, she chose to pursue her passion for the beauty industry instead. She worked as an intern for well-known artists before going out on her own and pursuing her career as an artist full-time.

Whitney Alford’s Husband And Daughter

She and Kendrick Lamar Duckworth shared childhood and a high school in the same part of the city as she did. When they were teenagers, their friendship blossomed into a relationship.

In a number of interviews, her lover expressed his feelings for her. My girl is something he despises. Whitney Alford, according to Kendrick, has always been supportive of him and knows his anxieties and worries.

They exchanged vows in a private ceremony. On the 24th of March, 2015, they were photographed wearing a diamond ring. Her partner disclosed their engagement during a radio broadcast on ‘The Breakfast Club.’ a girl was born to Whitney and Lamar on July 26th, 2019.


Whitney Alford gained attention after Kendrick Lamar and his fiancee announced their engagement. They’ve been dating for ten years now. Lamar couldn’t stop raving about how much he admires his fiancée after seeing her for the first time.

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