WHO Announces New Guidelines On Peripartum Mental Health

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 13, 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new guidance on peripartum mental health, with a focus on the prevention and management of mental health disorders in the peripartum period. The main aim of this guidance is to provide the best practices for healthcare providers. This will take care of perinatal patients while they go through mental health issues.

The guidance is aimed at policy-makers, healthcare providers, and service planners. It emphasizes the need for a coordinated and integrated approach to peripartum mental health.

It also highlights the importance of involving fathers and other key family members and support persons in the care of women with peripartum mental health disorders.

The Guide of Peripartum Mental Health recommends that pregnant women and new mothers should be screened for depression and anxiety. Women who are at risk for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders should be offered counseling and support. This should happen at least once while her perinatal phase is going on. This screening can be performed within the initial year of postpartum or during pregnancy. If it is performed earlier, a healthcare provider can catch the early signs of any possible mental health issue.

What Are Mental Health Disorders In The Peripartum Period?

Mental health disorders in the peripartum period are common, affecting up to one in five women. The most common disorders are depression and anxiety, which can have a significant impact on a woman’s ability to cope with the demands of pregnancy and early motherhood.

WHO Announces New Guidelines On Peripartum Mental Health

Other disorders that can occur during the peripartum period include postpartum psychosis and postpartum OCD. While these disorders are less common, they can be very severe and require intensive treatment.

Depression and anxiety are both treatable disorders, and there are many resources available to women who are struggling.

One can always reach for help if they feel overwhelmed during hard times. There is no shame in seeking treatment, and it is important to remember that you are not alone.

We understand pregnancy can be at a toll on many women. It can make her experience a roller coaster of emotions.

These guidelines will help you cope with the anxiety and depression due to pregnancy. Let us explore what the experts say about the issue.

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What Jessica Vernon Has to Say?

Jessica Vernon is an MD and a director and OBYGN for the Perinatal Mental health Program. She works at NYU Langon Health’s gynecology and obstetrics department. According to Jessica, this new guideline by WHO will bring standard practices into action for a large group of pregnant women.

She also added that the guidelines are in sync with what her department has been saying. This will simply bring peripartum mental health importance on a global level and now will be acknowledged as an important issue by all.

World Health Organization has brought up the concern of resilience and stress on a global level. Since many people come from gender-based discrimination, poverty, and partner violence, this was always important.

The issue is now getting so much press and awareness. People are making an effort to promote women’s treatment during their perinatal stage.

What the WHO Guide Has to Say?

WHO guide has stated that a new mother’s mental health can take a toll on both her and the infant. That’s why it is important to create a proper set of guidelines that would help anyone who is suffering from mental health issues during that time. If the WHO guidelines are followed properly, it will boost encouragement in people who have given birth or are currently pregnant.


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