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WHO Officials Say Covid May Be Under Control Next Year “If Things Work Out Well.”

According to World Health Organization officials, “if we’re really lucky” next year could be the year where Covid-19 is contained. WHO officials still believe that world leaders have a fighting chance of controlling the pandemic next year, as the delta variant spreads rapidly around the world.

WHO Officials Say Covid May Be Under Control Next Year – If Things Work Out Well.

The world’s health emergencies program executive director, Dr. Mike Ryan, would love to say this crisis will be over by the end of the year, but he isn’t so confident. In the very best-case scenario, we will have it under control by next year.

WHO Officials Say Covid May Be Under Control Next Year "If Things Work Out Well."

It might be possible to end the pandemic sooner if countries ensure that vaccines are distributed fairly to poorer countries, distance themselves from social media and adequately fund hospitals, Ryan stated, responding to a question posed by the son of one of his colleagues, a Covid technical lead.

In addition to criticizing world leaders for not distributing their vaccine stockpiles as widely as they could, he said high vaccination rates could prevent the pandemic from extending into the poorer nations. When Cole Van Kerkhove asked him why we aren’t sharing, Robert said, “Kids should be asking their governments. Those two things are our biggest problems right now, sharing is not enough, and being fair is not something we learned in school, he added.

According to Van Kerkhove, there are still increasing numbers of cases in many places around the world. According to WHO, there have been 11.5% more cases and 1% more deaths across the globe over the past 7 days. During the past week, cases were on the rise in many regions around the globe. In contrast, in the Western Pacific region, the number of cases increased by roughly 30%, while in the Eastern Mediterranean, they increased by 15%.

There was also a spike in disease-related deaths in four of six WHO regions over the past week. A 10% increase in deaths occurred in the Western Pacific, a 12% increase was seen in Southeast Asia, a 4% increase was seen in the Eastern Mediterranean, and there is a recent spike in transmission in Africa. Experts also noted that on occasion, the vaccine can be bypassed when Covid infections occur. However, those cases are nearly always mild.

There remains a possibility that new variants will cause breakthrough cases to spike. Van Kerkhove hinted that the delta variant is not the last variant of concern we will address. Infected people who have received 100% vaccination are still getting infected with delta variant covid-19, but most people have been spared severe illness or death by the shots.

According to the World Health Organization’s chief scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, there have been cases of infection among the vaccinated, particularly the delta variant. It is common for the infection to be mild and asymptomatic. In other parts of the world, hospitalizations are rising due partly to low vaccination rates and a highly contagious delta variant that is sweeping, according to her.

Unvaccinated people around the world who mix with each other in social settings have a greater chance of developing viruses that are more dangerous. Traveling internationally should only be performed in cases of extreme necessity, according to WHO officials. Ryan said that every step you take during a pandemic either increases or decreases risk; there are no zero risks. Minimizing risks is what it’s all about.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s Covid-19 team, has said that the delta variant will not be the last variant that is causing concern.
  2. Global leaders may be able to get the pandemic under control next year even as the delta variant rapidly spreads across the globe.
  3. It would be easier to end the pandemic if countries ensured vaccines were distributed equitably among the poorer nations.

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