WHO Warns Countries For Not Being Transparent About COVID-19 Data

The data about the COVID-19 cases that includes positive cases, new cases, recovery, and death due to the COVID-19 infection need to be submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO) by the countries in the world. This data help WHO to battle the ongoing pandemic. 

But it was observed that three countries are denying the actual graveness of the pandemic at their place or are being less than transparent about the data released to WHO.

Turkmenistan, the Central Asian nation is a secretive and highly authoritarian state. The nation had not reported even a single case of COVID-19 to WHO till date as per the statement given by officials at WHO. But going by the words of human rights activist the diseases is spreading widely at these places. 

North Korea also didn’t report any case of COVID-19 in their country. Many suspect the scenario because the country shares its borders with China where the pandemic started at first. Moreover, the testing was sparse in the country of about 26 million population. 

WHO Warns Countries For Not Being Transparent About COVID-19 Data

According to Dr. Dorit Nitzan who works with WHO office in Europe as a regional emergency director, said that about 14 countries have claimed that no COVID-19 cases are reported in their country. He added that the organization cannot go and verify each Nation’s claim independently. 

They said that the WHO took all the countries on same board that are reporting either a zero-case scenario of the coronavirus infection or are not submitting any data.

WHO Warns Countries For Not Being Transparent About COVID-19 Data

However, he added that many nations claiming a zero-case scenario are small secluded and isolated islands such as St. Helena, Tuvalu and Kiribati. This is in stark contrast with North Korea and Turkmenistan which are large nations surrounded by countries where the infection has spread uncontrollably. 

Nitzan said that all the countries are encouraged to share data with WHO. It then allows WHO to keep track of the pandemic at a global level. COVID-19 is a communicable disease. This makes it even more important to keep track of the COVID-19 patients for a prompt public health response.

Tanzanian President is also reported to follow dangerous and outlandish way to battle COVID-19. He asked the citizens to pray for the coronavirus to go away. He also told the residents that make up about 58 million population that the vaccines are not good for them and there well-being and refused to purchase any.

Tanzania might now shift its stance over the claims on coronavirus when two of the senior Tanzanian officers succumb to the fatal COVID-19 infection.

According to global health expert Dr. Peter Drobac at University of Oxford, the leadership has played a significant role in the spread of diseases.

When the leaders have initially ignored the situation and protocols, it leads to wide spread of the infection causing deaths. Brazil and the United States are example of that. But, when the leaders took it seriously, situation was controlled. 

He added that at least they have access to the data and situations at these countries. They know the situation now and then. But they can’t even track and get access to the situation in countries like Tanzania. 

WHO called Tanzania twice to submit transparent data about the pandemic in the country. They took this unusual step because passengers travelling to or from the country have signed the need of robust action against the pandemic in their country. 

Drobac said that it is the responsibility of everyone around the world to fight the pandemic and control it. One need to pressurize such nations who are denying the situation, not taking any steps, and are not transparent with WHO about the statistic of the cases in their countries. 

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