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WHO Warns As Covid-19 Death Cases Accelerate?

With a wave to be seen in the near future, a rise of panic has seen to be flashed through. Detected cases have seen acceleration lately including deaths, may face lockdown or a night curfew in most of the countries globally.  

For eight consecutive weeks, Coronavirus infections have been at an alarming rate as warned by the World Health Organization. As of last week, 5.2 million cases have been reported known to mark a period of the most number of cases, in a single week, ever since the pandemic began.  

WHO Warns As Covid-19 Death Cases Accelerate?

WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus mentioned an increase in deaths has been seen, for the fifth week straight. The pandemic has officially claimed more than 3 million lives. Tedros warned of the increase in the pace of the pandemic. He also mentioned that these large numbers can take us by a shock but these are a tragedy for families, communities, and nations.  

WHO Warns As Covid-19 Death Cases Accelerate?

A rise has been seen in hospitalizations among the age group 25-59, which seems to be running at an alarming rate. Possibly due to increasing social mixing among the younger crowd the variants have become highly transmissible. The younger adults getting infected by the virus is a concerning state of matter as of at the moment. Brazil is known to be carrying a new variant that has caused a surge in hospitalizations and even deaths.  

Hence, since the variants have caused rising concerns, shots have been ramped up. WHO has been warning on a global level, that the rise in the state of the infection is creating an alarming effect and a second wave is at an urge. India, carrying a significant portion of the world’s infection is occurring over there. The country is seen reporting 200,000 positive cases on each of the last six days, which is nearly 1.5 million cases last week. And as the battle spreads, hospitals are turning their back away at patients due to crowded situations. Bringing into attention, patients have been not given privileges of oxygen cylinders and those ignored are outdoors on the roads, lying with their masks and cylinders, arranged with great difficulty. 

England has added India to its travel ban list meanwhile Prime Minister, Boris Johnson canceled a trip to the country. Despite the panic situation, political campaigns are on a roll. India has now allowed vaccines for the age group 18 and above from the 1st of May.  

Meanwhile, in Europe, few signs of a third wave to be occurring and a bumpy vaccine rollout has seen an increase around the European Union. Vaccine hesitancy is still existing as a form of fear of getting the vaccine. A vaccination center in the southern French city, Nice, was forced to close down as after just 58 people were seen to be turned up for 4000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine which are also seeing blood clot cases in few.  

Delhi has surpassed Mumbai in positive cases and death rates and is facing a lockdown to ensure no further spread of the virus variants. Much of Asia is seen to be struggling with increasing cases. A surge in Thailand has managed to scare tourists away. Thailand, seen to be welcoming the tourists and now are forced to close down pubs and all of the nightlife as this is seeming like a concerning situation. This can also jeopardize plans to reopen some of the borders to foreign tourists.  

UK was witnessing a new variant which was also detected in the US when all age groups were seen ready to get vaccinated. India also saw traces of the variant, hence making the B.1.1.7 variant highly contagious, even more than the previous strain. Precautions and necessary cleanliness actions are a strict policy at this point and should be given much priority in such a situation. 

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