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Will These DIY Covid-19 Tests Solve Your Travel Issues?

The time of Spring is almost here, for those who want to travel and let their fantasies run for more than a short drive to the Aunt Susie’s of the Poconos.

There are greater odds that you’ll need to book for the Covid-19 test with the air ticket. Some of the destinations like Maine, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Aspen Colo. lets the person avoid a quarantine if you have recently tested negative for this virus.

But a person must submit multiple tests after reaching their destination. Some places like Bermuda, Jordan, the Bahamas and Rwanda require a post-arrival screening.

Will These DIY Covid-19 Tests Solve Your Travel Issues?

For those going abroad the State Department states that everyone returning back must show a proof of the negative Covid-19 test to the U.S. Although most of the people are getting immunity against this virus.

Will These DIY Covid-19 Tests Solve Your Travel Issues

But a vaccine isn’t a surety to the people as most of the destination which also includes the U.S. won’t provide access without a negative test result.

The reason being that the vaccine provides protection against limited variants of the virus. Certain vaccines don’t provide protection from Brazil and England variants of the virus. Further, it is unknown if the vaccination provides protection to asymptomatic virus stains.

A way to avoid the endless and long queue of clinical visits is to use self-administered Covid-19 tests which can be taken at the hotel or your home, In year 2020, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already begun highlighting the benefits of the DIY tests for EUA or Emergency Use Authorization. Some options also come with approval from the airlines like for instance Delta.

The airline company has partnered with Azova which offers saliva tests at home or hotel for various travellers for $115 or $119 at various locations.

They require observation through video call during the actual test as insisted by some states. Further, you can buy two sets of kits and can pack them in your bag in case you need one during the return from your trip.

Hawaii has also started a unique pilot program with the biometrics company, Clear. This health app lets the travellers get access to the test at home and also in person test location.

This is done from a particular list of approved providers. This app allows a person to send their details directly to the airline in which the person would be travelling to this Aloha state.

Some other tests include LabCorp’s Pixel and Vault. This DIY test is the one mentioned by the JetBlue website in their fliers. Customers have to sign up online for getting a test kit and after testing needs to return the envelope to the company.

This test is the nasal swab or saliva – depends on the order type which needs to be sent to the lab. Results will be posted within 48 hours to 72 hours after the test is taken. The person needs to visit the website and sign in to know their results.

It is necessary to ensure that the tests meet the necessary requirements of the destination you are going to. Many destinations require a polymerase chain reaction or PCR lab test although the rapid antigen test is more accepted across the U.S.

But if it is mandatory for getting PCR test then in that case rapid testing has no use. Although a person might take the test to ensure that they are negative before opting for the PCR test.

The FDA is going to release the new type of tests which will be much faster as they will be delivering results within 30 minutes eliminating the agony of the people over this wait.

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