Oscar-Winning Actor William Hurt, Actor Known For ‘Body Heat’ And ‘Kiss Of The Spider Woman,’ Died Of Cancer

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 16, 2022

The famous Hollywood actor William Hurt died at the age of 71, a few days. He was an Oscar-winning actor who has been credited for his outstanding and powerful performance in the movies like the kiss of the spider woman, body heat, and Big Chill.

Oscar-Winning Actor William Hurt, Actor Known For ‘Body Heat’ And ‘Kiss Of The Spider Woman,’ Died Of Cancer

It was excruciating for his family because he died exactly one week before his 72nd birthday. His children and wife have been mourning his death and are deeply hurt about the sudden loss.

Oscar-Winning Actor William Hurt, An Actor Known For 'Body Heat' And 'Kiss Of The Spider Woman,' Died Of Cancer

His family has been in the position to release a social media statement to you, allowing them to cope with heavy loss. However, they wanted to be left alone in this challenging period. The family has shared no specific cause of death for the time being. It is expected that he died of natural causes and in a natural way that too unexpectedly. This is the reason why the family is still in shock.


However, according to the report of 2018, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. But he was doing well until recently because he appeared in so many social events and looked fit and fine. He also made a statement just a month ago that life is very unpredictable, but he wanted to make the most of it. 

This statement was very absurd for all his fans. But this statement was very comical, and he tried to promote optimism about life to enjoy every day. This statement also came to light with the occasion of Valentine’s Day, in which he desired that every person should express the love in his heart to the other person before it is too late. 


The lead actor has been a part of so many incredible movies. He has also been awarded the most prestigious and highest entertainment award in the form of an Oscar. He has been considered one of the most wanted people to deliver a power-packed performance. He also got nominated to Oscars at least three times and at Golden Global four times. 

His entire career revolved around the type of performances and the characters that he could justify in movies. His performance was so outstanding that he won an Oscar and bafta film award for his best performance as a Prisoner gay in the film kiss of The Spider-Woman.


He has been the one who has been playing the role of Incredible Hulk in the Marvel series. He has displayed a tremendous amount of talent in the long run. He has been the only person responsible for delivering the best performance in almost every role that he undertook in movies. Over the entire 50 years, he was able to take part in 35 films and uncountable musical albums. 

His performance will always be remembered in the form of the fantastic roles that he has been able to justify over the time being. It is technically incredible for every actor to realize in the first place the contribution that he has been able to make to the world of social media over the time being. He will always be loved for his unforgettable memories. May his soul rest in peace.

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