Wisconsin Recount Effort: Throwing Own Votes?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 24, 2020

President Donald Trump’s recount effort lead by an attorney in Wisconsin voted illegally based on his legal argument that absentee ballots should be thrown out in case of in-person votes. It was the situation for the attorney’s wife.

A former Dane County judge, as well as Cross Plains attorney Jim Troupis, represented Trump Campaign. Now attorney has no answer when he asked a question about ‘why he and his wife decided to vote in that manner.’

Wisconsin Recount Effort: Throwing Own Votes?

The attorney Troupis and his wife decided to vote early, and they did it through the state’s in-person absentee option. They come under one of the groups of voters whose ballots were asked to deem illegal by the Trump campaign to the election officials.

Troupis and his wife’s names came on the list of exhibits, and the list was now submitted to the Dane County Board of Canvassers. It was during the third day of re-tallying ballots in the country. The shows included the list of those voters who voted in a manner that is considered illegal by the campaign alleges. But, the same argument was later entirely rejected by the Board of Canvassers. The same information was later provided to both campaigns by Dane Country.

Troupis said, ‘I am sure. My name is on the list.’ He was referring to other questions regarding the recount efforts and the communication team. The team also includes Andrew Hitt, the Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman.

Donald Trump requested recount efforts, and it was soon after the announcement regarding President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin by around 20000 votes. Later on Friday, the effort of recount began, and recounting was started with the re-tallying of ballots. On Saturday it was started in earnest. Election officials also announced that recounting may begin by Sunday in Milwaukee, and it may continue even after Thanksgiving.

The exhibits of absentee voters list were introduced on Sunday by Troupis, and he presented it as the best way to establish evidence towards an expected legal challenge.

A Madison-based attorney, Diane Welsh, working for Biden’s campaign completed objected to the Trump campaign plan and opposed them in the middle of recounting effort.

Welsh said, ‘This is not a litigation prep session, but it is time for a recount.’ He announced the same during a hearing at Monona Terrace Community and Conversation Center at Madison. The same place where recounting effort is taking place.

Recounting was started on Friday, and on the same day, Trump Campaign started raising their objections. They mainly aimed at tossing over thousands of ballots. Later, the complaints were rejected entirely, and primarily in Milwaukee, the initial objections were considered procedural.

Another representative of Trump’s campaign, Christ Troupis, who is a brother of Jim Troupis, requested the Dane County Board of Canvassers. He said, ‘it is better to eliminate all early in-person votes. All the mailed-in absentee votes should be eliminated if in case written applications for they could not be tracked down. Apart from that, votes submitted by people who say they are indefinitely confined should also be eliminated.’ He also said that the absentee ballots are nothing but the clerks wrote in witnesses’ address.

In Milwaukee country, Trump campaign attorney Stewart Karge requested to review and receive copies of all absentee ballot applications. He also added that ballots must be rejected if they could not be reconciled.

Tim Posnanski, Board of Canvassing Chair, said, ‘I am not authorized to grant the request, and behind this, there are many reasons that are stated in the election guide.’ He also added that ‘Even though these are not added in the election guide, there is no ability posed by the Election Commission to comply with the request of records.’

The Trump campaign has now an open record request, and it is for the City of Milwaukee. The proposal was about to view the copies of the absentee ballot. But as per Karge, the request is not easy to fulfill, and it will not be on time.

The main reason behind the delay in the city’s counting was there were many objections to the ballot envelopes. George Christenson, Milwaukee County Clerk, revealed this, and he also added that ‘the city already lost two days in counting. ’There was one more issue aroused when observers started taking the pictures of ballots.

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