Woman Attacked By Rabid Fox In NY Neighborhood

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 26, 2022

A shocking video of a fox attacking a woman in New York is available on the internet. This video was not recorded in a wildlife sanctuary in a Jungle or on the outskirts of the city. At the same time, it is essential to mention that this particular rabid video was the footage recorded by the CCTV cameras on 25th July.

It happened in the area of Wall Street 34, where a woman was observed fighting for her life with a fox trying to attack her in the Courtyard of her house. This video is 45 seconds long, and from the start, it can be seen that the woman is fighting for her life in this video. 

In New York Neighborhood Rabid Fox Bites A Woman

She was standing near the entrance and talking on the phone when this incident took place. The fox is the woman from the back side and the straightway attack highlights. The women can be witnessed in the video trying said will time to shoe the animal away. But the inability of the women to achieve this can be easily seen. All the passers-by try to attack the fox with the help of a large stick, but the fox runs away, and this method is also of no advantage.

Woman Attacked By Rabid Fox In NY Neighborhood

A direct tussle between life and death can be witnessed in the video. The fox which appears in the video is wild. That is why a panic situation is developed after watching the video.

Details Of The Event

The video was shared by the woman’s neighbor on a social media platform. The woman was discovered in a bad state. It was challenging to adjust for the time being that she could think of any method by which the fox could go away, and she could protect her life.

After the video had been uploaded on social media, people have been able to question the responsibility and accountability of the Municipal department to control the movement of wild animals into the civilian area. 

Most people now fear moving out of the house after evening hours. It has left a very Grave impact on people’s minds because the fox was wild. People could also confirm the status of the woman who was attacked in the video by the fox.

One of the people who identified himself as the cousin of such a woman wrote on Facebook that she was doing well. This is one of the most critical and essential perspectives that must be considered.

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Lesson For The Future

Indeed, she is always in the moment, and nothing wrong happens to her. But it is equally essential to understand that this is something that needs to be controlled over some time. It was by chance of luck that she was doing entirely well, but this could not happen all the time. 

Government departments need to be very active in controlling such incidents for the public’s safety because a wild animal can attack any individual at any time.

That is why the municipal department of the city of New York is now planning to launch a new program to control even the slightest movement of white animals into the city. 


It has to be said that it is only with the help of precaution that situations like this can be prevented. It is usually essential in the long run because it will prevent unwanted accidents, which can easily be prevented with the help of precaution.

That is why in such a situation, it becomes essential to understand the utility of the program and accordingly corporate with the government to protect the individuals from all these unwanted incidences. 


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