Post-Vaccination, Women Sell Breast Milk Carrying Antibodies

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 24, 2021

Kids have slim chances of becoming seriously ill from the virus as they have an immature immune system and may develop provocative illnesses because of the Covid.

An internet site which goes by the name ‘Only the breast’ deals in selling and buying mother’s milk for newborns. Since mothers suffering from covid-19 are incapable of breastfeeding their child, numerous advertisements were seen that read “COVID-19 antibody milk” or “Milk available for breastfeeding, the donator has recently immunized from Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccine”.

Post-Vaccination, Women Sell Breast Milk Carrying Antibodies

These people claim that the milk donor had covid antibodies and will safeguard the child from the chances of getting infected with the virus. 

Post-Vaccination, Women Sell Breast Milk  Carrying Antibodies

Not that these milk’s buying and selling websites weren’t there earlier, they were, but none of them had terms such as natural defense qualities from covid or covid-19 antibodies. A female named Tara, who is from Dakota (south), was one of them who put in such keywords to attract people looking for breastmilk.

She said her intent was pure and authentic with what she was serving. She just wanted to help a mother in feeding her child and considered this an act of benevolence and courtesy. There were hardly any evidence and statistics to prove how the immunization had affected the women in pregnancy or those who breastfeed their kid.

Keeping in mind the several risks that could arise if the antibodies had unfavourable effects on women soon to be mothers; they were excluded from the early experiments for testing the vaccine. However, recently, facts and statistics proved that Moderna mRNA and Pfizer shots are considered harmless to those who are pregnant.

Even there was a report by the American Journal of Obstetrics and gynecology which said that these vaccines speeded up the immune system in women carrying a child while the water bag and breastfeeding acted as a pathway to the babies’ body. However, the danger didn’t end here. The doctors still weren’t sure of how long the effect of these antibodies will last on babies.

Soon, this problem was solved when a study conducted by Washington University confirmed that these vaccines proved effective for eighty days since a woman is being vaccinated. Another study termed these to be temporary protections to the babies. These data sparked encouragement in women to sell and buy breast milk till the time immunization is affirmed for use in babies.

Along with individuals, milk banks have also come forward to help in this scenario. Dr Stell wagen works at the University of California Health Milk Bank. She says that since many diseases can be spread through breast milk, we have come up with a solution. The people who are willing to provide milk to such a bank have to first fill survey form, which includes all the questions related to all the medical conditions of the donor.

After this, only 33.3% of the women are eligible for donating their milk. One of these milk stations revealed that many mothers were glad and thankful that their babies too could get vaccinated through the donated milk, which contained antibodies, while many were against buying milk of those who are recently immunized as they still weren’t sure whether this is safe or not.

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