Women In West Virginia Are Looking To Share Their Experience Of Herbal Remedies Via Sacred Roots’

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : September 28, 2021

Hillary Banachowski smiled as she gazed out over her field of medical plants at her Shepherdstown home, joking that mulberries were her “gateway” herb, which she referred to as “stinging nettles.

” Bananchowski has been using herbal remedies for approximately two decades and is willing to share her love and expertise for natural supplements on a deeper level.

Women In West Virginia Are Looking To Share Their Experience Of Herbal Remedies Via Sacred Roots’

She is looking for organizations with which to partner in order to offer classes on how to grow, harvest, and learn more about the healing powers of herbs. She is looking for local groups that provide assistance to those who are in need, such as women’s shelters, soup kitchens, rehabilitation centers, and other similar facilities.

Women In West Virginia Are Looking To Share Their Experience Of Herbal Remedies Via Sacred Roots'

For the courses, Banachowski will either travel to the site or assist in the construction of raised beds or, if feasible, students will be able to visit her garden. As a result of their discussions, the group will plant seeds or tiny plants, care for them, and harvest them together.

They will also learn about herbal medicines and how to utilize them. Banachowski’s preferred method of consuming herbal remedies is through tinctures, which are made by steeping finely chopped dried or fresh herbs in 100-proof vodka as well as brandy over a period of time. However, she explained that there are numerous ways to reap the benefits of herbal remedies, including teas, soups, and raw foods.

She spoke about dandelions, which can be found practically everywhere and have advantages for gut health, as well as lemon balm, which has antidepressant and antiviral properties and may be used to treat depression. According to her, not only will the herbs themselves provide health advantages, but so does the act of caring for the plants and connecting with the Earth, some of which might have a beneficial influence on someone who is trying to overcome obstacles.

Banachowski is no stranger to the business of assisting others in overcoming obstacles. She spent her early years working in the social work sector, where she enjoyed interacting with individuals from all walks of life and learning about their difficulties. It was at that point that she understood the significance of assisting others in feeling human and valuable once again.

It also provides access to health advantages for people who do not have recourse to more conventional ways of treatment as a result of learning about herbal medicines.”I would like to combine my passion for plants and herbal treatments with the goal of making it more accessible to the public,” Banachowski added. In the absence of health insurance and financial resources, herbs must be your first line of defense. ” They’re generally free, and you can find them just about everywhere. “I’m hoping to locate a few collaborators inside the community.”

Banachowski informed her that no green space is required for her to collaborate with her, to provide her own space, or to assist in the construction of raised beds. She said that she is looking for grant money and that she would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others to share the costs. Contact Banachowski through the Sacred Roots website, which is www.sacredrootswv.com if you are interested in working with her organization or learning more about her work.

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