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Workers In The United States Are Being Urged To Get Vaccinated Against The Covid-19

As the country sees an influx of government and private sector employers pushing workers to get vaccinated against Covid-19, unvaccinated Americans are being pushed to get the shots.

Detecting the highly contagious Delta variant has been the driving force behind the increased case rates of Covid-19 this week and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines on masking. The emerging vaccine policies of employers encompass a wide range of approaches, including those that require shots just to work, as well as rules that require strict testing and masking.

Workers In The United States Are Being Urged To Get Vaccinated Against The Covid-19

Federal employees except for the military will need to submit to regular testing, masking, and other mitigation measures unless they attest they have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Taking responsibility is the price of freedom, said Biden. The vice president urged people to exercise responsible judgment and get vaccinated for themselves, their loved ones, and their country. Biden suggested that states award $100 incentives to those who are fully vaccinated. It is my belief that we ought to utilize incentives if they can help us get rid of this virus. Vaccinating more people is in everyone’s interest.

Workers In The United States Are Being Urged To Get Vaccinated Against The Covid-19

A program of this kind will be implemented in New Mexico and Minnesota later Thursday, the governors announced. Former Baltimore health commissioner Dr. Leana Wen, a CNN medical analyst, is in favor of such vaccination requirements because they can bring vaccination rates to a point that virus levels are tamed. Vaccine mandates give cover to the businesses that have sought to provide vaccines for years, Wen said. A growing number of corporations are joining the movement.

The Silicon Valley giants Google and Facebook announced they would require all returning employees to be vaccinated when they come back to work on Wednesday. In an article published by Deadline, Netflix mandates the Covid-19 vaccine for cast members on all of its US productions, as well as with anyone who comes in contact with them.

As of now, only vaccinated employees at BlackRock are allowed back onto company property. The company plans to update its policies for unvaccinated employees by the summer. Everyone at Lyft’s offices will have to get vaccinated by August, the rideshare company announced. Vaccinations are being tied to employment outright by some.

The restaurant group’s leader on Thursday said vaccinations will be required by September 7 for all employees. Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, asked CNN, “Why would we just sit back and not take action right now?” Those rising cases, like banning indoor dining, cannot be looked back on and suffered, he said. Employers who grant religious and medical exemptions may require vaccination of employees, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in May.

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Attorneys with the Justice Department determined earlier this month that public agencies and private businesses are not prohibited from requiring Covid-19 vaccines if only emergency authorization is available. Jeff Zients, White House Covid-19 response coordinator, said Thursday the Biden administration will not require Covid-19 vaccines nationwide.

The authority Zients refers to isn’t one CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is exploring.

In recent years, Coronavirus case rates have skyrocketed as the Delta variant gains popularity in the US. According to Johns Hopkins University data, 63,600 new cases were reported in the US each day over the past week, an average that has generally increased since the country reached a 2021 low of 11,299 daily on June 22.

In the past seven days, cases have increased in all but one state as compared with the week before, and proportionate increases in at least 36 states have been documented, according to Johns Hopkins.

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