World To Start Vaccinating To Children Said By WHO

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 27, 2021

In the latest press release, WHO (World Health Organisation) has asked countries to consider vaccinating the younger crowd as well. As of now most of the countries are vaccinating people over the age of 18 with some countries even vaccinating the age group of 12 and above.

World To Start Vaccinating Children

WHO further stated that the wealthy and powerful nations should also consider sharing the vaccines as many of the poorer countries just got their first batch a month ago.

World To Start Vaccinating Children

WHO had earlier stated that vaccination should be first given to people with some underlying issues and older people. However, seeing the progress of US vaccination of kids the WHO has now asked other major countries as well to follow this lead. Some other countries have also started vaccinating kids like China, El Salvador, and Chile. Cuba on the other hand is vaccinating kids of the age of 2 and above. 

WHO statement also mentioned that many of the countries are facing vaccines shortage and the countries that are starting the kid’s vaccination should also export some of the vaccines in order to achieve global vaccination. It also stated that countries should use booster shots if they are seeing the efficacy of the vaccine go down in people. However, the use of booster shots solely depends on the country, and WHO has not asked for exporting booster shots.

 WHO in August has asked major pharma companies and 20 most powerful countries to share the vaccines as they were hugely benefitted by buying a majority from the company leaving smaller countries in distress. Bruce Aylward who is a senior advisor in WHO stated that they had conveyed a virtual summit with world leaders wherein they had asked the major countries to share their resources so as to achieve at least 10% of every country to be vaccinated by September end. This deadline was met only by very few countries while the majority of the countries still waited some more time for getting their first batch.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who is the director of WHO stated that nearly 56 countries would not achieve the 10% mark by the end of September. WHO has asked the pharma companies to boost the vaccine production as now many of the smaller countries need tons of vaccines and are already lacking behind in vaccinating their population. 

WHO has stated that even if big countries achieve total vaccination but if the smaller countries are not vaccinated then it will be a troublesome issue. The COVID virus chain won’t be broken as long as the whole world is vaccinated. The virus will still travel from one country to another as it did in 2020 and made its way all over the world. Currently, many countries in Africa have stated that they will be now vaccinating people over the age of 18 as they have completed vaccinating their defense and front-line workers.

Biden administration in a global summit with WHO stated that they will be providing more vaccines for the global vaccination drive. Booster shots are still an issue as many of the countries stated that there is no need for this, on the other hand, some countries have started providing this to the common people.

As of now, the major update is to get kids vaccinated as quickly as possible so that the country can be safe and people can get to their offices and schools. Most big countries are now reporting low hospitalization and death rate which is a good thing and it has been identified that this is possible due to the vaccination of the population on a large scale.

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