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World’s Most Pressing Problem Says WHO Climate Change

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 15, 2021

The only greatest health threat the earth is experiencing is Climate Change and the governments are requested to act with urgency to tackle this crisis, the WHO says.

Before the United States climate change summit, which was conducted in November, 45 million nurses, doctors, health professionals worldwide, were represented by groups who were urgently wanting to take any action on the climate crisis.

World’s Most Pressing Problem Says WHO Climate Change

Major climate issues have been outlined by WHO and the open letter as it is seen already affecting the health of the public.

These are air pollution, intense heatwaves, storms and floods, extreme weather which in turn worsens food and hunger insecurity, and the rising sea levels that are seen wrecking homes.

World’s Most Pressing Problem Says WHO Climate Change

The letter does not fail to state that as health professionals and workers, we know our ethical obligation to speak out loud about the growing issues that can further cause more catastrophic and enduring conditions than the Covid-19 Virus.

People and the nations that have benefited the most from the actions that caused this climate crisis, pointing out the fossil fuel extraction and use, have a greater responsibility now, to do everything possible to help the ones at a higher risk.

To protect the health, actions that are well beyond the health sector are required such as in energy or transport, nature, food systems, financial sector, and more, as per the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’s report.

He added that the health arguments regarding rapid climate action have never been as clear as now. He hopes that this report shall guide policymakers and practitioners who reside from across sectors and the world, implement the transformative changes as needed.

The report, as per Tedros, includes 10 recommendations that are seen providing concrete examples of interventions, with support, that can be measured up quickly to keep our health and climate-safe. It included the creation of climate-resilient and sustainable environmental health systems, food production sustainability, and also designing sustainable cities and transport systems. Health leaders all around have been sounding the daunting state of the climate, even as they were battling to the end of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Maria Neira said. Maria Neira is the director of the World Health Organization, in the Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Health. She says it is high time we now listened.

The climate issues have been rapidly increasing for a very long time as the world kept getting advanced and more and more resources had to be erased and built and it took everything from the climate, causing the climate change crisis. We have seemed to have forgotten that we live on the same planet we create chaos and filth in. It is like we breathe the dirty air, drink the dirty water and all is caused and created filth, by us, humans. This needs to get to an end. Several people die due to natural calamities and due to our environment. Eventually, the climate changes can be so severe, it can start to get difficult to live on the earth. The climate change crisis can be that horrific.

In the US, we experience many faults that in turn disrupt the natural function of the environmental cycle. This disruption can cause many issues in the climate especially the air pollution that is caused by burning fossil fuels that eventually causes climate change. Rising sea levels have seen wrecking so many homes and livelihoods and are on a rise currently. Floods have been destroying homes, causing havoc around areas.

This issue needs to be the primary thing we need to focus on, or else all the other called out issues that we are working on, shall be of no use if we do not exist in the first place.

Nikki Attkisson

With over 15 years as a practicing journalist, Nikki Attkisson found herself at Powdersville Post now after working at several other publications. She is an award-winning journalist with an entrepreneurial spirit and worked as a journalist covering technology, innovation, environmental issues, politics, health etc. Nikki Attkisson has also worked on product development, content strategy, and editorial management for numerous media companies. She began her career at local news stations and worked as a reporter in national newspapers.

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