WWE NXT Results, Know The Winners, Recap, Grades, And Highlights!!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 19, 2022

In order to prepare for NXT In Your House 2022, WWE NXT 2.0 must resolve various long-standing disputes on May 17.

WWE NXT Results: In Your House Title Match Confirmed, Top Fiction Hits At Break Up- Winners, Recaps, Grades, Highlights!

Tony D’Angelo and Santos Escobar would eventually meet in the ring to settle their power war. The Creed Brothers were set to face the Viking Raiders in a rematch following their dubious victory two weeks prior.
Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa had to work together in a tag team battle against Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. As part of the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament, Roxanne Perez and Lash Legend would meet in the next round.

WWE NXT Results, Know The Winners, Recap, Grades, Highlights

At this point, Toxic Attraction and Bron Breaker were both hunting for new opponents for the WWE NXT women’s championships. The roster’s strongest foundations allowed this program to put on an incredible performance.

Solo Sikora And Cameron Grimes Against Carmelo Hayes And Trick Williams

To begin the match, Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa assaulted Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes at the same time due to a disagreement over who would open the event. Double-teaming Trick with Williams and Grimes in the corner was Sikoa’s next move. In order to get the tag, Sikoa had to come back with a clothesline.

Despite Sikoa’s precarious situation, Grimes returned to help him, and he wiped off Hayes with a splash before taking Williams out of the match entirely. After Grimes struck Williams with the Cave-In, Sikoa landed a frog splash on Hayes and won the fight.

Result – Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa triumph over Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams in the finals.

Grade – B

Round-1 Of NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament, Lash Legend Takes Against Tatum Paxley

Tatum Paxley got the better of Rana early on with a counter hit and a few dropkicks that nearly brought him down. Before Legend flung her into the ring post, Paxley tried but failed to raise Lash Legend.

Paxley reverted Legend’s submission attempt with a stretch muffler into a pin. Paxley failed to raise Legend once more before executing a suplex and a senton. Once again she was unable to lift Legend before he received the pump kick and triumphed.

Result – Lash Legend defeats Tatum Paxley in the final.

Grade – C

On NXT, Creed Brothers Against Viking Raiders

After the Creeds had isolated Ivar and forced him to the outside, Erik tagged in and swung a powerful forearm at him. Julius Creed was trapped inside the ring by the Vikings’ hot-tagging in and out, but Brutus Creed was eventually tagged in.

The Creeds dropped and kicked Ivar off the top rope to the outside just before the break. Brutus was knocked off the stage by Ivar after he re-entered the ring on NXT and brought down Julius with a huge lariat.

The Raiders were able to score a near-fall after Ivar connected on a top rope suplex. It was followed by a splash, but it missed the target. In the chaos that ensued, Roderick Strong arrived to provide assistance. Brutus threw Strong out of the ring and won the fight before the Vikings could utilize their finishing moves on him.

Results – The Viking Raiders defeated the Creed Brothers.

Grade – B

WWE NXT Matchup Between Andre Chase And Grayson Waller

With a sunset flip, Andre Chase fought back in the early stages of the competition and came out on top. Superkick from Chase resulted in Grayson Waller being sent flying into the turnbuckles. Prior to checking on Waller, Chase was tossed outdoors and landed on Bodhi Hayward. Upon returning to the ring, Waller defeated Hunt using the rolling cutter.

Result – Grayson Waller defeats Andre Chase in a close match

Grade – C

On NXT, Wes Lee Against Nathan Frazer

Despite Nathan Frazer’s near-fall, Wes Lee made a tremendous dive from over the ropes early on. In response, Frazer attempted a dive of his own, but he missed the ring dive that would follow. Lee was on the verge of a near-fall after a German Suplex nearly put him over the top rope. During the match, Von Wagner attacked Frazer and pinned him down before Lee swung for Lee’s throat.

Result – DNF

Wagner snatched Lee from the ground, hoisted him up, and threw him over the announcers’ table!

Grade – B

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