Yes! We All Are On The Apex Of Parkinson’s Disease

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 7, 2021

April is the month that warns you of the symptoms and attacks of Parkinson’s disease. We should be grateful for our technology which has advanced diagnostics to treat any disease, where patients should be assisted by their responsibility in treating themselves.

Yes! We All Are On The Apex Of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disease that results in shaking, firmness, difficulty level in walking, balance, and talking. As this disease increases, that person’s condition gets worse than ever. This disease can affect both men and women commonly at the age of 60; we shall thank the advanced treatments which can be cured in a simple step to get relief from cognitive problems and live a standard life!

Yes! We All Are On The Apex Of Parkinson's Disease

We all should be acknowledged that what kind of breakthroughs are connected as we are at the apex of Parkinson’s disease. Cooperatively all together, the scientists and doctors, including patients, should continue the task to identify and develop many ways to avoid the effects of Parkinson’s disease in the future ahead. Parkinson’s disease effects usually when our nerves cells and neurons gradually become weak and yearn. These neurons specifically produce a major chemical called dopamine.

This reduction of dopamine chemical in our brain causes brain disorders, namely Parkinson’s, where the doctors still cannot find what makes the production of less dopamine. More technology advancement had played a dominant role in decreasing the effect of diseases.

The neurotransmitter is an important function in the brain that runs on normal motor function. To decrease the chances of brain disorders, an early diagnosis should be taken, which results in slow-going of disease than becoming worse. Patients should be cooperative with the doctors because they are the only people who can identify to cure a disease.

Coming to the point of Parkinson’s disease, many techniques were improved to mold themselves for the solution to be cured. Map functions of the brain can be located by PET and MRI scans which allow tracing the disease.

A great medical institution in New York had already developed many programs related to early diagonalization for brain diseases where the records have been collected from many patients individually to track their actual problem and early symptoms, which can be cured and have enough potency to find new treatments and early diagnosis. Some of the treatments that can be early diagnosed are immunotherapy and stem cell transplants.

Scientists are still working on the mechanisms to cure affected parts inside the brain with the help of antibodies; the antibodies concept came to register in people’s minds during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence it helped scientists a lot to get study more on Parkinson’s disease. From the research of laboratories with many scientists, bioelectronics medicine was growing bigger with simple techniques to interdict brain disorders with normal circuit functions.

Not only should the role of scientists but also patients move along in direction to the advanced techniques of brain functions which can minimize the cause of Parkinson’s disease. All the individual patients should educate themselves on advanced treatments and early diagnosis to avoid brain problems that affect their pampering for the rest of their lives! And should volunteer themselves to educate other people who may or may not suffer from the disease. This leads to a complete progression of avoiding Parkinson’s disease.

Nikki Attkisson

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