Young Adults Do Not Benefit From Pfizer’s COVID Pill Paxlovid- Study

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 31, 2022

A new study conducted on 109,000 patients in Israel questions the relevance of Pfizer’s COVID-19 pills. The pills have gained acceptance throughout the US due to their at-home convenience. 

What is Pfizer’s anti-COVID pill Paxlovid? 

Paxlovid is an oral pill designed for COVID-19 patients to reduce the risk of hospitalization or death. COVID-19 patients are consuming the pill even without a health care provider’s advice as the pills had such wide acceptance in the US. 

What Are The Revelations?

The Israel-based study suggests that ”the pill appears to provide little or no benefit for younger adults, while still reducing the risk of hospitalization and death for high-risk seniors”

The revelations of the study also cause tension as the use of Paxlovid was encouraged by even the US government. The government has taken initiative in the marketing of the drug by spending $10 billion. The pills were made available in each pharmacy due to the government initiative. 

Young Adults Do Not Benefit From Pfizer's COVID Pill Paxlovid

It is proven by clinical research as well as the new study that Paxlovid had a positive impact on people above 65. The pills helped reduce hospitalization and reduced the severity of infections. The same effect was reported in other countries that used the drug too. The age group who did not show a remarkable benefit is those who are aged 40 to 65. The researchers analyzed over 109,000 medical reports as part of the study. 

The study has its own drawbacks. The notable drawback is that the study is not focused on a randomized audience. It is particularly done with a group of Israeli people. The result can be interrelated to the Israeli health system as it is conducted in such a way. The revelation can also be related to the nature of the pandemic, the mutations that happened to the virus, and the rate of vaccination as a vaccinated community is said to be safer.

It is assessed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 95% of American citizens above 16 are protected against COVID -19 due to either vaccination or prior infection. This can be related to the recent recovery rate of COVID – 19 even if there is no medication provided.

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The researchers would not deny the importance of Paxlovid for senior citizens. Dr. David Boulware, a researcher from the University of Minnesota considered the Paxlovid pills effective or beneficial for people with a compromised immune system.  Dr. David Boulware is not related to the recent study.

Paxlovid is an authorized medicine that is accepted by FDA for adults and children above 12. It was initially suggested for people who are in the high-risk category like obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. The obesity rate is very high in America.

Around half of the American adults are suffering from obesity or overweight and related health issues. There was no other medicine that was accepted by FDA or gained popularity like Paxlovid. It was almost the one and only option for at-home COVID – 19 treatments.

The pills are widely used and people found solace in them. The reason for the recovery of adults can be vaccination or prior infection. The results of the new study are still under discussion.

The result that does not support the authority’s decision on promoting Paxlovid is definitely a controversial one. Debates during the study are politically relevant. Around 3.9 million Paxlovid prescriptions are given during the pandemic. 

White House spokesman recently pointed out the results of studies that prove the efficacy of the pills. It is stated that Paxlovid reduced hospitalization among people above 50. He also added that the research is not yet published.


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