Young Generation Is Less Attracted to Alcohol Consumption

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 31, 2021

Alcohol consumption is a very common habit among people in this generation where most of the youth are attracted to alcoholism which shows harmful effects on them. A recent study says that in the United States, alcohol consumption is widespread among youth.

Young Generation Is Less Attracted to Alcohol Consumption

According to the recent survey conducted among the youth about alcohol consumption, the reports says that 21 percent of youth are engaged in binge alcohol drinking. 

Young Generation Is Less Attracted to Alcohol Consumption

Researchers say that compared to the parent’s generation, the younger generation is far better at consuming alcohol because most of the surveys found strong evidence that there is a rapid decrease among the young people, particularly in alcohol consumption which is followed as a healthy trend by many youngsters.

According to the previous studies, alcohol consumption declines are registered at a major level among young people, which explains the parenting, heavy usage of social media, which coincides as a dominating factor, gender identities are changes, fitness and health trends are increased with more popularity. 

Certain factors like social media and health trends are attracting youth more as they are fond of becoming like someone who they like and young people are trying to be fit which shows the competitive trend among them. Such factors are the major reasons for alcohol consumption declining among young people.

Researchers say that parents’ generation has heavy rates in alcohol consumption so eventually, parenting towards the young people is different which is showing heavy impact for declining rates of alcohol consumption which concerns on the situations, practices, and habits with an apparent result of low alcohol consumption.

Investigators of this study say that social mechanisms must be specified, which will also reduce the adolescents drinking eventually under previous study results. 

This study proposes a cultural position for alcohol consumption to the young generation, which should be avoided completely to stay healthy and maintain a healthy environment. 

Researchers say that young generation people are comparatively more responsible, reflective, and individualized than the parent’s generation.

According to the report of future quantitative studies and prior examinations of adulthood, effective interventions are involved among young people to increase healthy lifestyle choices. In simple words, we can say that this young generation is the base for a future healthy lifestyle.

Usually, during the festive season, young people are addicted to drinking all night long, but authors of this study say that those days were gone back in the parents’ generation because based on the survey, unexpected results were noticed that a very less average is reported about alcohol consumption.

Most of the recent surveys are conducted in the United States with significantly less alcohol consumption. Researchers also notice another major evidence is that due to COVID-19 and its lockdowns, alcohol consumption has decreased technically due to the closing of shops. In this aspect, government efforts are calculated for the decline of alcohol consumption. 

Authors of this study had conducted many studies based on the interviews for the young generation people to know more about the reasons behind declining alcohol consumption and eventually found four major purposes, they are said to be more concerned towards health, parent shifting relationships, change in technology, and concern about the future goals. 

In this era of social media, all the great influencers are into fashion and modeling, which have turned out to be most attractive to the young generation and eventually dominated alcohol consumption and other substances. These factors made young people conscious about health and aware of future settlement. 

Researchers say that many unique changes have fallen among the young generation compared to the parent’s generation, especially in alcohol consumption and addiction towards other substance uses. 

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