ZoomShot Pro Reviews- a handy monocular lens kit Scanned!

ZoomShot pro offers a simple, easy solution to an otherwise expensive problem.

The problem here is familiar to aspiring photographers or photography enthusiasts who cannot afford expensive lenses- getting that perfect click in high-clarity and quality.

Most photographers who have excellent skills but not enough resources find it extremely frustrating to be limited just because they don’t have expensive gadgets and camera lenses.  

ZoomShot Pro Reviews- Specifications, Features & Price Divulged!

ZoomShot Pro is a simple gadget that claims to give high clarity zoom for up to 100x with smartphone cameras. The result promised by the gadget is DSLR-like clicks without any additional gear.

ZoomShot pro review looks at how true these claims are and the other features of the product. Details about its price, where it can be purchased from, and how it works will also be explained in due course of this review.

Product NameZoomShot pro
Main BenefitsA handy monocular lens kit that is affordable and efficient for clicking high quality, zoomed pictures using a smartphone camera.
warranty3 Year
Price$67 (Check for Discount)
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is it?

ZoomShot pro is a monocular that claims to make photography easy for aspiring photography enthusiasts who find it difficult to buy professional camera lenses and photography equipment.

It sounds like a reasonably useful product primarily because not everyone can afford to own an extensive set of zoom lenses to get the perfect click that they desire.

ZoomShot pro logo

Besides, a lot of self-styled photographs rely on their high-quality smartphone cameras for shooting.

Therefore, the restrictions posed by smartphone cameras also put a cap on their skill and creativity. This is an unfair disadvantage, and ZoomShot pro proposes to change it.

ZoomShot pro is not the first product of its kind. There are several monocular optical lenses for smartphones available on the internet.

But most of them offer only up to a zoom of 12x or 14x at the most. In other cases, the products may be fake, and the images produced would be blurred despite the zoom.

ZoomShot pro claims to use a high-quality lens capable of 100x zoom without sacrificing the image quality.

The piece also comes with a kit, including a hands-free steady stand with a clip to attach the smartphone. This lets one ensure the focus and zoom precisely.

Features of ZoomShot Pro Monocular

The main ZoomShot pro features that are to be noted before buying it are:

  • It provides up to 100x zoom, which is incomparably high to any other monocular available online.
  • The lens is fog-proof and weatherproof, making it more effective in harsh climates than a regular lens.
  • The whole lens is only 12cm long and would easily fit into a side pocket, making it a handy companion for travel or outdoor shoots.
  • Using ZoomShot pro for photography gives zoomed-in pictures with high clarity and definition that match a professional camera lens’s quality.
  • The ZoomShot pro can be used for much more than just photography. It works perfectly to give a telescopic view of the surrounding during a camping trip or fishing.
  • It is a travel-safe gadget since it does not require any charging or battery.
  • It is very simple to use, and the stand accompanying the lens helps hold the phone steady.

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Specifications of ZoomShot Pro Monocular

The ZoomShot pro monocular lens claims to provide up to 100 times zoom and magnification. The lens is powerful enough to create a clear image without blurring.  

The monocular piece is handy and can easily fit in a pocket while traveling or during outdoor shooting. It is only 12cm in length at its original state. Further, the zoom can be extended. Even then, the lens only gets about 17 cm long at its maximum zoom.

The lens kit comes with a stand that has a clip to attach to the smartphone. The clip lets one place the phone behind the lens and accurately places the lens above the smartphone camera.

Further on accurately adjusting the focus and extent of the zoom, one can use ZoomShot pro for clear, sharp photos.

The lens is also designed to be weatherproof and fog-proof, allowing a ZoomShot pro to function just as effectively in any climate or outdoor setting.


How does ZoomShot Monocular work?

Using the ZoomShot pro is very simple and convenient. The lens comes with a tripod stand that makes it easier to mount the phone, and the lens steadily.

It can be placed such that the smartphone’s camera is directly behind the viewpoint of the lens. Thereby the zoomed-in display from the lens can be viewed via the phone camera.

One can also be sure of the clarity and definition before clicking the right picture. Another highlight would be the freedom to use the best of both options- additional, high clarity zoom, and the versatile camera features of a smartphone. 

The lens can also be used for other purposes in the same manner.

Since there are no electronic mechanisms involved in its functioning, it does not require charging or maintenance of any type.

Using the lens also does not require any technical knowledge or expertise. Anyone who has not had any familiarity with cameras and zoom lenses could also use the equipment and figure out it’s functioning organically.

Benefits of using ZoomShot pro for clear sharp photos 

The main benefits from using ZoomShot pro over other camera gears or zoom lenses are:

  • There is a lot of saving in terms of money and effort.
  • It is easy to use and maintain. 
  • The ZoomShot pro allows an individual to get high clarity pictures coupled with all the camera features and options available on a smartphone.
  • The lens can be used as a telescope for viewing far off objects in high clarity.
  • The lens is easy to carry and fits even in one’s pocket easily. This saves one from carrying around a whole extra protective bag full of camera gears and lenses.
  • It is fog and weatherproof, allowing for exotic photoshoots even in extreme conditions without fear of ruining the gear.
  • It is compatible with any type of smartphone like iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, etc.

Is ZoomShot Monocular worth having?

Irrespective of the factor regarding one being able to afford a real camera and multiple additional zoom lenses, having a handy gadget like ZoomShot pro would be convenient.

It is easy to maintain, use, and take along anywhere at all.  There are also several other applications to it.

For instance, some of the product’s positive reviews explain how they use it to watch the match at a stadium when the seat is too distant to see the game.

Therefore, the ZoomShot pro is a multi-purpose gadget that can be useful for anybody.

How much does this cost?

The ZoomShot pro costs $69 for a single piece. There are also options for purchasing three at the price of two coming to a total of $134.

Another option is to buy five pieces at the price of 3, which totals up to $199

The cost of purchasing five pieces is still less than half the amount one would have to spend for buying professional camera zoom lenses and necessary other gears.

The purchase also comes with a 3-year warranty that safeguards the buyer’s money in case of damage or malfunction.

How can you get hands-on it?

The ZoomShot pro can be purchased from its authorized sales site, which is. The product is not for sale on any other platform, but several platforms are claiming to sell fake versions or similar products at higher rates.

Therefore, one must refrain from using such unreliable sites for purchasing ZoomShot pro. Moreover, the warranty promised may also be denied if the purchase has been through such fraudulent sources.

ZoomShot Pro Reviews- Verdict 

The ZoomShot pro is an affordable alternative to expensive camera gear and zoom lenses that can be attached directly to a smartphone camera. It is handy and is only barely 13cm.

It does not require any charging or change of batteries and is travel-friendly. Further, the lens used weatherproof and fog-proof. This makes the equipment suitable gear for travel and outdoor photography. 

In addition to the lens, they also provide a tripod stand with an inbuilt clip to mount the smartphone. Using ZoomShot pro along with a smartphone camera enhances one’s photographs doubly.

The product provides clarity, while the smartphone provides other filter features and enhancements. By placing the smartphone camera right behind the lens’s focus, one would get a high definition, magnified view of any faraway object.

This is why the lens is also considered multi-purpose and useful for bird-watching, distant surveillance.

The product claims to provide a 100x zoom, which is more than twice the zoom capacity of other similar products in the market. And unlike the other products, ZoomShot pro seems to have quite a good number of positive reviews from happy customers.

It seems that the product does provide what it promises, unlike other fake products. Overall, the rates are also reasonable when coupled with a 3-year warranty for a monocular providing 100x zoom.

The product would seem like a fair deal for anyone whose photography skills have felt limited without costly zoom lenses. For others who fancy having a gadget useful in viewing distant objects clearly, ZoomShot pro is a good solution.

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