A Vital Component Of Liver Health In Old Age!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 14, 2022

The liver is considered to be a very vital part of the body. It is the organ that can regenerate even in old age.

It is discovered that it is the only organ inside the body that can remain fit regardless of age. It is a unique feature of this organ that has been identified by the University of South Carolina researchers.

A new kind of chromatin is unraveled in the liver, which can undergo different types of regenerative changes, and therefore the aging of the organ is prevented. 

The Institute has also approved this thorough research for the Biology of aging. This is not a minor but a significant transformation found in the liver.

The results of this study are published in a molecular cell journal. It is usually believed that the changes in epigenetics of the liver were responsible for causing the aging, but now this is not how the liver functions. 

Functioning Of Liver

It is identified over time that the genes in the liver have an inherent tendency to regenerate themselves after some time, due to which the aging of the cells inside the liver is prevented. There is a lot of accessibility of proteins in the chromatin found inside the liver, due to which renewal of the cells takes place at a very high speed. 

A Vital Component Of Liver Health In Old Age!

Aging has no effect on the liver due to the accessibility of the DNA and the regenerative tendency of the cells. That is why the liver remains the youngest organ inside the body, even in old age. This is one of the positive signs because older people have a lesser risk of discovering problems related to the liver until and unless the DNA of the cell does not become abnormal. 

The reasoning behind these changes

It is noteworthy to mention why the liver produces this trait. The difference in the production of DNA and RNA in the liver is responsible for the production of the changes inside the liver. It is believed that a proper balance between both causes the maintenance of the body cells, and any kind of imbalance is responsible for distorting the functioning of the organ. 

It is only with the help of aging that it becomes feasible for the individual to understand the inherent link between the two processes. The production of proteins due to the excessive utilization of RNA inside the liver is also another reason why the aging of the organ is prevented over time. The combined effect of these findings is the attainment of young cells and new cells in the organ of the liver. It is a proper mechanism that helps in the improvement of the body and other different types of body functions.

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Possible advantages in old age

It has to be monitored over time that this particular perspective is equally responsible for winding the positive changes. It is the process with the help of which the possibility of genetic disorders inside the body is prevented to the following extent. It is also helpful for avoiding different problems associated with the functioning of the liver.


It has to be concluded that this research is likely to benefit all the scientists who have been excessively trying to focus on developing medicines with the help of which liver disorders could be prevented. The process of improvement needs to be collected in this way. In such a situation, additional benefits have to be accumulated and gathered so that the possible side effects of the research are overlooked over time.


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