Adams Scott Shares His Incident With A ‘Quite Illegal’ False ID When He Was 16-Years-Old, See More About It

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 22, 2022

Adam Scott is one of the most famous actors, comedians, and producers too. He is commonly renowned for his role as Ben Wyatt in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, for which he received two Critics’ Choice Television Award nominations for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Adam Scott Recalls His ‘Quite Illegal’ Fake ID Mishap When He Was A Teen

 He also played Derek in Step Brothers, Johnny Meyer in The Aviator, Henry Pollard in the Starz sitcom Party Down, Ed Mackenzie in HBO’s Big Little Lies, Adam Yates, Jr. in Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and Trevor in NBC’s The Good Place. He debuted in the Apple TV+ psychological drama series Severance in 2022.

Adams Scott Shares His Incident With A 'Quite Illegal' False ID When He Was 16-Years-Old

About Adam Scott’s Illegal Fake ID

During the moment when teenage Adam Scott wanted to get a fake ID, he was just curious like us, attempting to figure out how to get one that looked legitimate. As a result, Adam Scott, an adolescent, had an idea.

On the episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in which he appeared, he revealed that when he was 16, he pretended to be his elder brother in order to obtain a driver’s license with an older age on it.

“When he was 16, he wanted a more legitimate false ID, so he did something that, looking back on it, was really fairly unlawful.” That is what Scott said about the past illegal things that he has done. 

How did he make a fake ID?

He went to City Hall with his elder brother Dave’s birth certificate, then to the DMV and got a driver’s license created with his photo and his older brother’s name. 

“He was very excited,” Scott says, adding that he was eventually caught when “it came in the mail, and his mom retrieved it after a few weeks.”

Adam’s mother and brother’s reaction to his fake Id

When the driving license arrived at Adam’s house, her mother received it and she read her older son’s name on it. Then she gave that thing to her older son. 

When Adam’s brother opened that envelope, he was in shock after seeing his brother’s fake driving license in his own name. He called him, gave it to him, and still makes fun of him for that fake driving license. 

Adam’s current projects are:

Scott will next be seen in the highly anticipated Apple TV series Severance, in which he will star with Patricia Arquette and produce alongside Ben Stiller. 

He most recently appeared in HBO’s critically acclaimed series Big Little Lies. He is best known for his role as Ron Swanson in the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated comedy Parks and Recreation. 

His major break in television came with the cult popular sitcom Party Down, in which he starred and produced, and he’s since been in A Good Place, Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone, and Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, among other shows.

Scott founded his own production firm, Getting Rad Productions, which he manages with his wife, Naomi Scott. 

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