Alleged Attack: Selma Blair as Granted A Restraining Order Against Ex Ronald Carlson!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 12, 2022

The famous Hollywood actress Selma Blair has been able to get a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend named Ronald Carlson. This has been one of the most incredible experiences that people can be a part of. It has been able to depict Goodwill in a very negative way because the court has ordered an injunction which is in the position to restrain the action of the ex-boyfriend. 

Alleged Attack: Selma Blair as Granted A Restraining Order Against Ex Ronald Carlson!!

To clear all the doubts, it was essential for a spokesperson to speak on behalf of these two celebrities to find the exact issue between them. It is essential to mention in the first place that there have been many kinds of speculation that have, over the period, generated different types of results.

Alleged Attack Selma Blair as Granted A Restraining Order Against Ex Ronald Carlson

But today, she has been able to get cleared because they have to activate ourselves to clear all the clouds and bring an exact situation between them. 

Summary of events

She was able to depict the same story and the purpose of getting the injunction order against her ex-boyfriend. She was able to narrate The Complete story and the incident which happened with her. Both of them were busy shooting for an American television show. After the shooting culminated, she was able to go back to her house, which was near the location of the set. Once she returned home, she was followed by her ex-boyfriend. 

She did not like this in the first place at all. But at the same point in time, the ex-boyfriend was able to convince her that he had come to undergo treatment and rest because he was not physically feeling well. To be a good host, a Hollywood actress allowed this kind of behavior on the part of the ex-boyfriend on humanitarian grounds. It is essential to mention in the first place that while the actress was resting on the couch, something unusual happened. 

The exact incidence and the course of action

This incident was able to shake her trust factor altogether. The ex-boyfriend came close to her and started touching her unnecessarily. Naturally, it causes a tremendous amount of irritation in the first place. However, she could not give any reaction because she was found in the first place about whatever was happening with her now. She Even tried to resist every touch by slapping and punching the man in the face. 

In such a situation, it became imperative to understand that something had to be done, and legal action had to be taken to prevent these incidents in the upcoming future. That is why she applied a remedy in the court of law to get an injunction against this particular person. She and her daughter could stay peacefully in the house without any threat of being molested by an unknown person. 

It has created a positive feeling in most women who try to ignore these incidents. It has been able to set a massive amount of residents that this needs to be done almost every time whenever something terrible happens with the reputation of the women. It has created a positive impact over the period and ensures that every woman can fight for her rights by wheezing her voice against whatever is wrong.

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