Binge Eating Disorder: Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 3, 2022

A new study conducted by the Perelman School of Medicine has finally discovered that a small device is in the position to detect food cravings. A part of the device can function according to the stimulation produced in the brain. This particular study has promised that binge eating disorders can be controlled for a lot of patients. This device was responsible for conducting the process of nucleus accumbens. It is a stimulant process that functions in a part of the brain involved in processing pleasure and addiction. 

This device helped calculate the craving for food inside the brain. This device not only calculated the number of food cravings inside the simulative section of the brain but also disrupted the simulation of the brain to break the craving-related signals. 

In such a process, it was necessary to understand that these treatments were essential to binge eating disorders, due to which obesity and fatty liver problems were increasingly detected in all people. With the help of this device, it was possible to use weight over some time because the brain had a command only to consume at given intervals. 

What Is The Intent And Purpose Of The Study? 

This particular research program is typically essential to control the brain’s signals. This device was installed inside the brains of around 250 people. The eating habits and this sensation of Hunger that was reported to occur in these people were also noted down by everybody. It was ultimately discovered that these people could showcase different mechanisms inside the body with the help of which they had better control concerning their binge eating capacity. 

Binge Eating Disorder: Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise

It is essential to understand that binge eating is often associated with an increased amount of obesity. It is also responsible for increasing the intake of food because many times, a brain develops false signals of Hunger by stimulating the body to consume more food even when it is not required. This device tries to hamper the production of these false signals so that these disorders can be cured and a person is prevented from eating all the time as against the body’s requirement. 

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What are the effective benefits of this study? 

As a part of this particular study, it has become important to note that due to lifestyle changes and increasing availability of your favorite food many times the brain functions accordingly in order to send signals to eat again and again just for pleasure and not for hunger. In such a situation, problems like obesity and other different forms and types become operative. 

In light of all the changes, this particular device is helpful in order to monitor the production of Signals and exactly disrupts the signals at the time when individuals are affected. According to the result displayed in the above experiment, the need for the brain to analyze different components is further strengthened. It is equally essential to record more information and also deliver the respective simulations to different parts of the body so that different organs of the body also function according to the signals sent by the brain.


It has to be concluded that this is one of the most effective parts of the research which will be helpful to overcome the side effects of binge eating disorder. It is considered to be an effective remedy for a better Lifestyle habit. It is in the best interest of the medical community to develop this device in the form of a feasible medication so that the treatment of the individuals becomes much easier with time.


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