Bobby Brown Suffered Two Heart Attacks After Whitney Houston’s Death!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 3, 2022

Bobby Brown has stated that following the death of his ex-wife Whitney Houston and 2 of his seven children, he experienced two heart attacks.

After Whitney Houston’s Unexpected Death, Bobby Brown Revealed That He Had Experienced Two Heart Attacks!!

When her body was found in a bathroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, hours prior to her planned appearance at the 2012 Grammy Awards, R&B legend Houston was 48 and experiencing a career rebirth.

Bobby Brown Suffer Two Heart Attacks After Whitney Houston's Death

The tragedy, an unintentional drowning aggravated by cocaine misuse and heart illness, would later be repeated by child Bobbi Kristina, who was discovered in a bath in her Georgia home in 2015 and placed in a caused coma.

Bobby Brown has confessed that following the loss of his ex-wife Whitney Houston and two of his seven children, he suffered two heart attacks and committed suicide.

After learning that her brain function had been significantly decreased,’ Bobby Brown made the heartbreaking choice to turn off the 22-year-life old’s support.

And he says that the twin tragedy caused him to drink so much that he nearly killed himself – and had two heart attacks in a row.

Featured in a new A&E special series Biography: ‘Losing my daughter hurt me to my core,’ Bobby Brown said.

‘Children are not required to search for their parents, and I lost my baby as a result. I began to consume a large amount of alcohol.

The tragic loss of an R&B legend Houston’s body was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel when she was 48 and enjoying a professional comeback. 

‘My drinking had progressed to the point where my physiological functions had ceased. I’ve experienced two heart attacks in my life. In my heart, I had two stents.’

The musician, who has struggled with substance abuse and alcoholism for many years, has finally found his way back to health.

However, in 2020, he would experience further heartbreak and relapse when his son, ‘little Bobby,’ died of an accidental heroin overdose.

After ingesting the strong narcotic Fentanyl, the 28-year-old – who has 2 kids with former girlfriend Kim Ward – crashed into his flat, and paramedics declared him dead on the site.

Daughter Bobbi Kristina was later placed in an induced coma after being discovered face down in a bath in her Georgia home.

Bobby was on the red carpet with Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina in 2004.

“I chose to reach in and seek assistance once more,” he explained. ‘I came to detox and cleaned up my act.’ I’m not your average person. I’m a boozehound. It’s a daily battle to stay sober. I’m going to counseling and praying.

‘That makes it easy for me to regain my courage and change the narrative of my life.’

Destructive: In 2020, he would continue to struggle and relapse after his kid, ‘little Bobby,’ died of an accidental drug overdose.

‘After all, on a daily basis, I can only be happy with myself because I aspire and work hard for seeing my children in a brighter light than I see myself,’ he said.

‘Family has always played an important role in my life. That’s the only way I’m going to be able to go through. My largest source of support is my family. I’m feeling completely adored. It motivates me to keep going.

‘I am a survivor, and my angels watch over me and have brought me a long way, for which I am grateful.’

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