John Madden To Graces The Video Game Madden 23’s Cover!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 3, 2022

The cover of the Madden NFL 23 computer game will feature only one person: John Madden, as a nod to the game’s namesake.

All 3 versions of the game of this year, which will be launched in August, will feature Madden, the Ring of Honor coach who died on December 28. It’ll be the first time in more than 2 decades that Madden will be featured on the cover, which has tended to feature current sportsmen.

John Madden To Graces The Video Game Madden 23's Cover

Seann Graddy, the executive producer of Madden NFL, told ESPN that they were going to consider the game of this year and who was going to be a part of it; it nearly became an uncomplicated decision. “I say that because we truly wanted to honor Coach this year in the product and what he’s done to us for the past 30-plus years that we’ve made use of his name in our game.”

Madden was the primary cover model for the game’s 2000 edition, which was launched in 1999. He appeared in a small box off to the side of the main cover player in the next four editions of the game, with his signature and the All-Madden logo, before vanishing from the cover for Madden NFL 06, which starred Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Then, on each year’s cover, EA switched to employing current athletes. Last year, it was split between Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

According to ESPN, placing Madden on the cover was only considered for this year’s game, but “anything and everything is possible” in the future.

The All-Madden cover, which is one of three this year, is evocative of the first John Madden Football game, which was launched on June 1, 1988. On one cover, a young, sandy-haired Madden was gripping a football and punching a hole through a chalkboard diagram of Xs and Os with the league’s name across the top.

The All-Madden edition’s cover has a comparable young Madden with a football smashing through what looks to be a stack of X’s and O’s. “Thanks, Coach,” is written in white text on the side of the cover.

The cover for the All-Madden version was designed by Chuck Styles, a Philadelphia-based illustrator who has made exclusive trading cards for Topps’ Project70 release as well as various pieces representing NBA players.

Styles did not design the other two covers, which depict Madden as a coach and a broadcaster. Madden appears to be drawing on a telestrator on the broadcasting cover, which he was famous for during his career. After defeating the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI, Madden, who coached the Oakland Raiders from 1969 through 1978, is raised up by his players on the coaching cover.

“We wanted everyone to take away the fact that we’re recognizing all three parts of Coach Madden’s legacy,” Graddy added.

Madden was completely invested in the game from the start, insisting on 11-on-11 play and handing over his old playbook to the game’s producers in order to add more authenticity. As the game rose in popularity, so did its impact on participants.

Many contemporary NFL players claim that Madden was a part of their upbringing — Detroit Lions defensive back Jeff Okudah told ESPN in 2020 that he acquired football skills by playing Madden — and the game’s namesake has long taken pride in it.

In 2021, Madden said to ESPN, “That gives you the gratification that you’re doing something worthwhile.” “You and everyone else engaged are putting in the effort, and it pays off in terms of people being able to not only enjoy but also play the game.”

“It aids them to enhance as players.” And I believe this is genuine in school, university, and the professional world. Whenever anyone brings it up, you can see how happy they are.”

While many of the game’s gameplay features have yet to be revealed, Graddy revealed that the opening encounter will involve two different versions of Madden from the 1970s coaching against each other at the old Oakland Coliseum, one directing an NFC All-Madden team and the other an AFC All-Madden team.

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