Body Weight Is Tied To Enzymes In The Brain- Study

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : September 6, 2022

According to a recent report which was published in Science advances on 31st August, it has come forward that a new kind of enzyme has been found in the brain. According to this research that Yale University has conducted, it has come forward that this enzyme, if removed from the neurological part of the brain, can result in gaining weight. It is described as a condition in which the brain loses the tendency to burn more fat in the body. This particular enzyme can also result in causing a metabolic disorder. This can be obesity and diabetes in the adult above each group of 35. 

This particular enzyme is discovered in the hypothalamus region of the brain. This particular region of the brain is described to be a very essential and strategic part. It becomes crucial to understand that this part of the brain is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolism. It is only with the help of excellent metabolic activities that excess fat can be burnt out and converted to energy, ultimately resulting in losing weight and preventing almost every kind of weight gain.

Findings Of The Research

According to the latest research, a new kind of enzyme known as O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase, OGT, has been discovered in the brain. It is also known for regulating the metabolic activity inside the brain so that it does not function well to perform a lot of functions that it is adapted to perform. 

Body Weight Is Tied To Enzymes In The Brain

According to the research, it has also been brought forward that if this particular enzyme gets activated inside the brain, then automatically, the capacity of the way to perform metabolic functions for losing weight and converting food into energy reduces to the minimum extent. Accordingly, the body’s energy levels also reduce drastically due to this problem which ultimately results in a sedentary Lifestyle with no potential benefits. It is probably the one that is responsible for different types of disorders that can happen in the body as an adverse effect of this.

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How can this be cured? 

Until now, there has been no particular way with the help of which this enzyme can be reduced from the hypothalamus region of the brain. But according to the research conducted on mice, despite this enzyme’s presence, the body’s functioning could be restored to normal by regulating metabolic activities with the help of good Lifestyle habits and dietary habits. It is believed that alcohol and preservatives try to activate this enzyme, which reduces the body’s tendency to lose weight through affective metabolic processes. 

In such a situation, what becomes essential is to find out that only with the help of good eating habits can this kind of problem be cured. It is usually advisable to take adequate measures with the help of which this enzyme can be deactivated permanently because if this does not take place, the utility of the individual would be affected in the long run. 


It has to be concluded at the end of the day that this is needed to increase activities of the body, which have been hampered for many reasons. Taking proper care is essential because it will likely result in better treatment. After all, it is related to the functioning of the brain and body, and if both are connected, then technically, there is no point in taking any risk in the long run. It helps control the situation to the best level of effectiveness and efficiency. It has been able to get effective in a lot of instances, and it is genuinely helpful for producing a long-run effect that might not be otherwise produced.


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