Brielle Biermann Shares Shocking Photos Of Swollen Lips After Jaw Surgery!

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : March 15, 2022

Brielle Biermann is a 2.5-year-old Hollywood actress and model. She has been known for her amazing performance in many movies and web series over a short span of a career. But in recent times, he has been in a huge amount of limelight due to many other types of reasons as well.

Brielle Biermann Shares Shocking Photos Of Swollen Lips After Jaw Surgery!

It was just a month ago that she underwent surgery for jaw upliftment, and she was also in the position to share her entire journey. 

Brielle Biermann Shares Shocking Photos Of Swollen Lips After Jaw Surgery


In the recent past, she wanted to change her looks, so she experimented with her jaw and uplifted them over time. She uploaded a photograph on Instagram depicting a new look. She had the kind of experience she faced during the surgery and her recovery period. She uploaded many videos and motivational pictures for accepting the body the way it is without introducing any artificial changes to its shape and size. 

She also went into depression for a short period because this upliftment part was painful and mentally exhausting. She was also confident enough to show a picture in which her lips were swollen like anything. This image upset her fans greatly because they did not want to see so much physical pain. After all, it did not compliment the kind of personality and the pleasant nature that she had. He has always been a helpful person, but now she was in so much physical pain. 

Moral confusion

Despite having provided that everybody should accept his body as it is, she even realized that it was a horrible look that she enjoyed a few years back before undertaking this artificial surgery. This has been something that most people have been mounting overtime now. She has been able to fight on the biggest cause of the century, which amounts to the acceptance of the physical look without being under the state of constant agitation to change them with every possible means of changing the situation. 

Side effects

She was also able to discuss the type of changes and the physical health that he was enjoying during this phase of his life. She stated that due to the entire blockage of the jaw, she could not eat anything for the time being. She was on a liquid diet for 3 to 4 months, and this was one of the most horrible parts of her entire life because she has never been on a complete liquid diet 24/7. 

This was able to create a negative impact over the period because she lost additional 15 pounds without undertaking any gym activities. It was considered to be a bad part of a career altogether. The type of looks and mental health she enjoyed required her to report for a maximum kind of change. This particular kind of change was able to bring many additional types of changes in her personality as well, which would not give you some time back. 

This is expected to give a better outlook to her life in the shortest interval. Most people have been expecting a speedy recovery as soon as possible without any glitches.

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