A Child Below 2 Presumably Tested Positive For Monkeypox In Texas

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 19, 2022

A young kid in Texas may be the first to have the monkeypox virus in the United States. During a morning conference on Tuesday, Judge Lina Hidalgo reportedly said that the youngster had tested positive for the virus. 

Reported the child’s illness to authorities on Monday. Hidalgo emphasized that the case is presumed positive pending confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Hidalgo observed that all reported cases of monkeypox had been confirmed yet. However, waiting for the CDC’s official confirmation for a week is best.

Because the kid wasn’t enrolled in formal education, it was unknown where or how they may have acquired the sickness. Harris County authorities have already begun a contact tracing operation to locate anybody who may have directly touched the child.

Hidalgo said the toddler’s parents were the ones who first noticed the rash and brought him in for treatment. As they wait for confirmation from the CDC, both parents are working with medical professionals to find a solution.

A Child Found To Have Monkeypox In Texas

The child has had few symptoms other than the rash. Since the child is doing “very, very well,” Hidalgo is optimistic that a full recovery is possible. She urged guardedness among parents because of the recent monkeypox epidemic.

They get that it’s a scary scenario and that parents are concerned. Instead of anticipating the worst, they should exercise caution and gain an appreciation for the risks. It serves as a reminder that the situation is dire.

A Child Below 2 Presumably Tested Positive For Monkeypox In Texas

At least seven other American children have tested positive for monkeypox since the most recent case. While investigations into the cause of the outbreak are ongoing, officials believe the youngsters may have contracted monkeypox via household contact.

Outside of its native range in West and Central Africa, the monkeypox virus has been linked to over 32,000 cases worldwide. There have been over 12,000 confirmed cases in the United States.

The Child Is Doing Quite Well And Making A Full Recovery

This toddler is not yet two years old. They have been in contact with the family, and they’ve been quite helpful. The family’s assistance has been crucial in getting us started on locating this child’s communications. The technology of following up with contacts is still in its infancy.

She claims the county hasn’t figured out how the kid got monkeypox. She added that the child hasn’t attended any daycare or schools and that the only evident symptom is a “residual rash.” Those who touch the child closely are also provided with the county’s immunization.

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Hidalgo acknowledged that this might generate anxiousness among parents just as they prepare to send their children back to class.

It has been reported that a child under two in Harris County has been diagnosed with pediatric monkeypox, making this the state’s first case.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Judge Lina Hidalgo said that a child in Harris County is being treated as a possible positive case of the virus. The infant has, and now the CDC must decide whether or not the baby has monkeypox. Hidalgo estimates that he will have to wait a week to learn the test results.

Hidalgo recommended that guardians keep looking for unusual rashes or blisters on their children’s skin. She suggested that worried parents contact their physician for further details and, if necessary, get a monkeypox test.

Monkeypox often spreads via prolonged human contact. The Texas Department of State Health Services states that transmission occurs most often via contact with bodily fluids or monkeypox scabs and sores. Long-term contact with an infected person or with materials that an infected person has touched is another potential transmission route.

Hidalgo claims that there have been 269 confirmed cases in Harris County, but just one child has been affected. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has verified 992 points throughout Texas and is tracking over 12,000 points nationally.


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