Could A Mobile App Replace Lateral Flows? What Do Scientists reveal?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 9, 2022

The term Covid is not new to us. Somehow through time, we learned to resist and live with the Covid. In the initial stage, the medications were a little tough and the world shook and frightened! But, the growth of medicine didn’t make us so uncertain for long. The world stood together for the tests, vaccinations, and medicines so far. Now the test kits are even available on eCommerce websites. 

There are many studies and research that have been done so far. Through the exposure which researchers can travel through for the advanced take care of Covid and future pandemics. There were many pieces of research that proved to develop some software for the detection of Sars-Cov-2. According to many sources, many scientists from all countries contributed to making these advanced technologies for testing the presence of the covid virus.

Working Of AI-Based App To Test Covid

Scientists from the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands have developed an AI-based app to test covid and make the test more cost-effective for everyone. The app is working to find the presence of viruses by detecting their sounds and is said more sufficient from the opinions of scientists. There is no need of taking any swabs in the future.

Could A Mobile App Replace Lateral Flows?

Moreover, the coming future never demands RTPCR for international tours and travels. Wafa Aljbawi, a scientist from Maastricht University, said that the app could analyze and find precise results from patients by recording their voices. And this AI-based test will take only less than a minute, she added. And the researchers looking that this advancement can help with checking Covid among huge crowds as well as it can help third world countries. It can lessen the risk factors of old age and sick people gathering for any functions. 

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Cambridge University has studied 893 audio samples from 4352 and 308 tested positive when they tried to test the app on people. Mel-spectrogram analysis is also used to analyze the loudness and fluctuations and study for detecting covid. These were the key stages that happened in between the development of the app. According to the testing results of the app, it is shown that 89% off accuracy for finding covid positive patients and 83% for finding covid negative cases. The researchers focused on the sound variation of covid patients and used AI for the detection. 

This advanced technologies app is the most budget-friendly testing solution from the findings of the world yet. The system of will document the details of patients once they are installed, and they have to give their smoking habits, medical-related information in the past, age, etc., and record the respiratory sounds at the moment. Multiple breathing and reading some sentences could be able to track the presence of infection. LSTM (Long-Short Term Memory) was prominent to work as the human brain and neural networks could help to integrate the process.

Medical history invented many health care devices and medical history has grown by many health care devices. This is an era of the 4th industrial revolution and technologies. Just as we discussed earlier, the life of every community can be changed through the app of Covid detection. Just like the invention of Xray, Parturition, and other vaccines, history helped the people to improve the people to grow and it repeats even now. At the University of Bristol, a Ph.D. student has developed an app to help with patients of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, named myCOPD. Just like started not knowing anything about the virus, we swiped Covid almost from the world. 
By analyzing the medical history, breath modulations, OSs, and AI, the researchers of Maastricht helped out people to not suffer. This would be a great change for the medical world and humanity. According to the researchers, it will help people to gather, people to develop under any circumstances, and people to live. And one day, it will be the medicine of Covid and a complete cure!


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