Where Can You Watch ‘A Couple Of Cuckoos’ Episode 2?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 28, 2022

Netflix has finally released the highly anticipated romantic comedy, and it’s safe to say that the filmmakers nailed their first outing. There are two main protagonists in A Couple Of Cuckoos who were born in the wrong body. On the other hand, the children’s biological parents decide to meet them when they are older.

Find Out Where You Can Watch ‘A Couple Of Cuckoos’ Episode 2 – Release And Expectations !!

Amano is depicted as a wealthy child. However, Nagi comes from a middle-class family. With their families’ permission, the two of them find themselves unable to break free of their constraints. Amano and Nagi are now set to wed, as has been the case in the past.

Where Can You Watch 'A Couple Of Cuckoos' Episode 2

In the upcoming episode of the new series, Amano and Nagi are supposed to be able to handle each other. Hiro’s feelings for Nagi have been openly aired, and this could cause problems for our protagonist in the future.

Recap Of A Couple Of Cuckoos

In the first episode of A Couple of Cuckoos, Nagi and his sister develop a bond in the kitchen. She and Nagi discussed how he wasn’t her biological sibling. Finally, we witness Nagi on his way to see his real parents. He came across Amano and tried to stop her from jumping as he made his way. Afterward, they talked about the problems they were facing. To get out of her marriage, Amano started seeing Nagi.

A photo of the two of them together was published by Amano as proof. Soon after, her stalkers showed up at the playground and inquired about their connection to each other. As a result, there was a fight, which Nagi was able to end with ease. They went out on a date after Amano said that they had fun together. That was followed by a break-up that was later repaired in a restaurant. Both of the couple’s parents appeared to be in favor of their union being consummated in marriage. Towards the end of the episode, Nagi admitted that he liked Hiro.

A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 2 – Date Of Release

The bond between these cuckoos has not yet blossomed, but it is on the verge of developing. As a result, A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 2 is scheduled for publication on April 30, 2022. Yes! Now that the first episode has aired, the first season of A Couple of Cuckoos has begun.

What To Expect In ‘A Couple Of Cuckoos’ Episode 2?

April 30, 2022, is the premiere date for the second episode of A Couple of Cuckoos Season 1. Season 1 Episode 2 was eagerly anticipated by fans of the show since its last appearance. It’s hard to wait for the next episode of A Couple of Cuckoos Season 1 after the final episode of the first season.


Throughout the series, the two schoolmates find themselves in a situation. Amano wanted nothing to do with marriage, and Nagi wanted nothing to do with his own parents. On the other hand, it appears that both of the main characters will be getting married soon. Nagi, on the other side, has feelings for the class’s top student, Sewaga Hiro. In the next episode, Nagi is expected to outperform Hiro in tests and then profess his love for him.

Amano, on the other hand, may fall in love with the main male character. She appears to have had a good time on their date and seems to like having him around. As a result, in a later episode, Amano’s emotions will be revealed. It is up to Nagi whether or not to respond or avoid these people.

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