How Is Covid-19 Infection Related To High Blood Pressure?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 25, 2022

In recent years, when people hear the word COVID-19, the first thing that comes to mind is how it spreads via sneezing and contact with the infected and how deadly it is.

Covid Badly Affected On People With High Blood Pressure!

Although the view is quite popular and, to a large extent, correct, similar to many other diseases, its infection potential is also affected by some of our intrinsic factors, including high blood pressure.

Covid-19 Infection Related To High Blood Pressure

How Many Can Get Infected With COVID-19 While Having High Blood Pressure?

According to a study conducted by a well-reputed and respected medical research center, Cedars-Sinai confirmed that the chance of getting infected with the COVID-19 Omicron variant and getting hospitalized under severe conditions nearly doubles when compared to a person with normal blood pressure.

The study also stated that the person is still at risk after taking the mandatory three mRNA dosages of covid-19 vaccines.

The study was published and distributed widely in the magazine Hypertension.’

The study included about 912 covid infected patients who had tested positive. Most of the patients under observation were given all three mandatory vaccine doses and later separated based on another intrinsic factor.

After separating patients, it was found that a total of 145 patients were hospitalized. Still, the most shocking fact was nearly 125 of the total hospitalized patients were earlier diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Thus, it is evident that nearly eighty-seven percent of the total patients who can get hospitalized with critical conditions contain both high blood pressure and covid-19.

This effect can not be controlled by immunization. As a result, it is advised that patients with high blood pressure must manage their pressure to a safe level. This will save them from hospitalization and the critical state they can reach if they catch covid-19.

Among all of the variants of the Covid-19 virus, it has been confirmed that most of the Omicron variants are dangerous for people with high blood pressure.

How Does Hypertension Affect The Body In A COVID Patient?

Hypertension, or simply high blood pressure, already has a lot of adverse effects on the body. But, when it occurs in a COVID-19-suffering person, it can turn deadly.

You must keep hypertension as one of the most critical intrinsic factors in your body in mind, especially when in a COVID-19 omicron variant-infected area. It can increase the chance of getting a severe case of COVID-19 and being hospitalized by nearly 2.6 times more than a standard patient.

The mandatory three vaccines have also shown to be utterly ineffective against the rise in severe cases of covid-19 among the general public with high levels of blood pressure.

As per the Cedars-Sinai research center, the infected patients with hypertension must talk to their doctors after getting infected, and then they can attend antiviral therapy.

So far, using antiviral therapy has saved nearly one-third of hospitalized patients.

Other health factors, including old age, chronic kidney damage, weak heart, chronic heart disease, and more, do not play many roles in spreading COVID-19 across the body. Thus, patients with these ailments can relax as they will not be in danger.

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