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COVID Infection Can Harm The Liver – Study Suggest

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 5, 2022

The outbreak of the ongoing pandemic coronavirus has been affecting people on many levels. The symptoms of covid-19 range from unnoticeable to deadly. But most people are detected with coronavirus by the symptoms of heavy fever, dry cough, and fatigue.

severe illness found in elderly patients and those people who are taking regular medications. Most people who are infected with coronavirus experience mild to moderate respiratory illness based on their health conditions.

but after recovering from the coronavirus, people have been facing different health issues like joint pain, breathing problems, and palpitation. In general, covid may affect the smooth functioning of your internal organs as well. 

A recent Study Found That Signs That COVID Infection Might Harm the Liver

A recent study suggests that COVID- 19 may harm the liver. The researchers said that the coronavirus has the potential for long-term injury in the liver and it appears to be dangerous to liver stiffness. According to the National Library of Medicine, they studied 32 patients with COVID-19 who have been admitted to the University of Innsbruck.

They conducted laboratory testing, liver and spleen sonography, and elastography to measure the stiffness of organs. After the analysis of the results, they came to the conclusion that liver injury is common in patients who have been detected with coronavirus ranging from 14% to 53%.


They also added that liver stiffness by transient elastography in Corona is associated with acute liver damage. 

Stiffness is a sign of liver damage, such as fibrosis, or a buildup of scar tissue.  Scarring can decrease the healthy liver tissue, and due to the course of time, it stops normal functioning. Fibrosis may lead to liver failure and liver cancer.

One of the abdominal radiologists from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston named Dr. Theodore Pierce said that COVID infection can cause inflammation and it leads to damage to different internal organ systems like the brain, liver, and intestines.

He also added that research is still going on, based on the lasting effects of Coronavirus on liver damage. it is too soon to realize the ever-lasting effects of corona on the internal organs, especially how it affects the functioning of the liver. 

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The researchers are planning to update the details of COVID-19 patients. It’s been a long time since we haven’t followed the people. Because of the outbreak of the epidemic, COVID. Therefore it’s much more difficult to find out what is happening to people. Researchers decide to follow the COVID-19  patients to analyze if they have been facing the serious liver disease. 

Because they want to prove the reason for liver stiffness is caused by COVID-19. In order to prove this, the researchers plan to dig into the data of covid patients. They hope to learn how COVID-19 affects the normal; functioning of the liver and the patients who have detected coronavirus have liver diseases but have no symptoms.

According to Dr. Theodore Pierce, “The severe COVID-19 infection would lead to more liver damage.  If we couldn’t observe the relationship of the virus and the affected part, that would be more evidence to hint that COVID-19 is causing liver damage”.

To prove this, Pierce and his teammates compared liver stiffness in 31 men and women who had been detected by coronavirus with 50 people without COVID-19.

After managing different parameters like age, sex, and time from COVID diagnosis, researchers found that the people who had detected coronavirus had a significantly high level of liver stiffness than the control group. In addition, some of the people affected by liver stiffness were those who hadn’t had COVID-19. But the investigators haven’t a proper justification for that.

Dr. Marc Siegel, a clinical professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City said, “ I don’t think the study could give a proper result, including whether the results are purposeful. But the study concerns with COVID infections and it shows the number of people who are affected by the coronavirus and also affected by liver disease.


🔵Centres For Disease Control And Prevention. Long COVID or Post-COVID Conditions Available [Online] At:

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