Covid Or MIS-C Symptoms Last For Months In More Than One In Four Kids In The Hospital

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 15, 2022

It has been discovered that nearly 30% of the children were hospitalized for covid-19. It is essential to consider that this is considered a severe kind of health condition that is not suitable for the resistance power of the body of minor children. 

How Long Do They Have Symptoms?

The study has been published in the journal of Pediatrics. According to the report of this journal, the symptoms of covid-19 in children below the age of 5 included shortness of breath and an excessive amount of cough and headache, including muscle pain and fever. The symptoms lasted in the small children for more than 4 months, and no kind of diagnosis and treatment was effective for them. 

Covid Or MIS-C Symptoms Last For Months In More Than One In Four Kids In The Hospital How

Some children are also in the position to report tiredness and a lack of energy over some time. But since this was considered a severe covid version, the doctors have named it MIS-C. This is considered to be a rare condition in children, which is equally dangerous and harmful. 

What is MIS-C? 

It is essential to mention that this is an aggravated version of the covid-19 infection. It is also important to note that the doctors have not been in the position to understand the exact reason why this kind of infection is caused. But it is something which is caused not only by external factors but also by many internal factors. 

This has been one of the most important reasons why this problem is being treated very seriously because it is not known what exactly would be in the position to cure it. The doctors felt the inefficiency of the medical science to treat this problem, especially when the children were dying due to this problem and the doctors could not do anything. It was considered to be a win-win situation because it was able to develop a considerable amount of challenges over some time.

What are the symptoms, and how to treat them? 

As already mentioned, the symptoms of covid 19 are uncountable. The symptoms have been responsible for causing a massive amount of tendencies inside the human body, which cannot be resisted by small children with weak immunity at all. This has been able to generate a considerable amount of complications in the case of human beings and at the same has to be taken into accord in almost every kind of situation. 

This was the most critical kind of challenge that the children resisted over the period, and there was a time when no kind of treatment was effective for them. This is the worst-case scenario that despite the success of medical science, a lack of effect has been generated over them. 

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How to go about this? 

Over the period, instead of showcasing the required amount of recovery, the chances of survival have further reduced to a great extent. The reduced chances of survival are increasing the fatalities among the children below the age of 5 who are succumbing to these problems mentioned above. The incidence of this infection is increasing in different types of countries, and no country can deal effectively with this breakdown. 


It has to be concluded that this particular kind of problem must end as soon as possible for the safety of the children because if the children are not, then it would not be possible for the individuals to recover. 

An attempt is being made to discover a vaccine that is equally effective and safe for small children so that some kind of assistance could be finalized in this particular direction which would be responsible for saving a lot of children that are getting infected because of this problem


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