Deleted Scenes From Bo Burnham’s Netflix Comedy Special Are Now Available On YouTube

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : June 1, 2022

To mark the task’s one-year anniversary, Bo Burnham unveiled an altar of undisclosed content from his 2021 Netflix parody extraordinary Inside. It was dubbed The Inside Outtakes by him.

“He delivered an unexpected call inside a year ago today,” he wrote on Instagram.

He’s spent the previous two months putting together material that he envisioned for the exceptional but didn’t up use.

Bo Burnham’s Netflix Comedy Special Deleted Scenes Have Been Released!!!

In 60 minutes, it will be available on his YouTube channel.

From March 2020 to May 2021, Burnham shot a different project without anyone else “without a group or a crowd of people” throughout the course of one pandemic-stricken year.

Between April 2022 and May 2022, he changed the recording he released today.

Deleted Scenes From Bo Burnham's Netflix Comedy Special Are Now Available On YouTube

When the 31-year-old first announced the news on Instagram, he called Burnham the “Beyoncé of parody” and thanked him for “his administration.”

In a comment under Burnham’s Instagram post, Family Guy essayist and writer Gary Janetti called the announcement “exceptionally great news.”

The show received five stars in a survey conducted by The Guardian, which praised Burnham’s “hopeless humor” and described the show as “shocking.”


Bo Burnham is a musical comedian who achieved to prominence after posting recordings on YouTube starting in 2006.

Following the incorporation of these tunes into his self-titled collection (2009) presentation, he performed three stand-up visits, the first two of which were presented as collections and the final two as recorded exhibitions: Words Words (2010), what. (2013), and Make Happy (2016).

Burnham began to have episodes of anxiety in front of an audience during his visit to Make Happy.

He created and directed Eighth Grade (2018) and appeared in Promising Young Woman during the intervening years (2020).


Inside was shot in the visitor room of the Los Angeles home Burnham gave to his long-term sweetheart, movie producer Lorene Scafaria before they relocated to a new home a few months after the arrival of the original; the visitor room was also used for filming the end of Make Happy.

Later, a Zillow listing revealed that the house was used in the filming of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

Burnham explained that because of the COVID-19 epidemic, he was forced to do the presentation alone, without the help of a team or a crowd.

According to a hole provided to Bloomberg News in October 2021, Netflix paid $3.9 million for Inside and assigned it an inner “effectiveness” score of 2.8, compared to a pattern score of 1 for content that recoups its initial investment; the Netflix representative who provided the measurements to Inside and a few other projects on the web-based feature was later fired for delivering private and “economically delicate data.”


On April 28, 2021, Burnham released Inside, which was accompanied by a short teaser that featured a well-dressed Burnham during the consummation of Make Happy, which transitioned into a scene from Inside featuring his long-haired and whiskery appearance.

He also used Twitter and Instagram to share his thoughts. He announced on May 21 that Inside would be delivered on May 30.

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