Jo De La Rosa, A Cast Member Of RHOC, Married Her Fiance Taran Gray Peirson

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : May 31, 2022

A popular reality personality born in Peru, Jo De La Rosa, 42, is a household name in the entertainment industry. Known for her 2007 unscripted collection and Bravo spin-off Date My Ex: Jo and Slade, she was a previous star of “The Real Housewife of Orange County.”

RHOC’s Jo De La Rosa married Taran Gray Peirson

She is the richest reality star in the world, with a net worth of around $100 million. Taran Gray Peirson is a San Diego-based composer, arranger, lyricist, performer, and music craftsman.

Jo De La Rosa, A Cast Member Of RHOC, Married Her Fiance Taran Gray Peirson

Initially, he worked as a guitar-playing dolphin show host at Sea World San Diego before moving on to become a Caribbean cruise ship vocalist, then a producer of new music in the soul and pop genres before writing the award-winning “Freedom Riders: The Civil Rights Musical.”

On May 27, we learned from an Instagram post by Jo De La Rosa that she and Taran Gray Peirson, her longtime life partner, had tied the wedding at a small, intimate ceremony attended by close family and friends.

The backyard of a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles, was the setting for the couple’s “I do”s. It was a beautiful wedding, as seen by the couple’s Instagram postings of a few wedding images.

Before the wedding, Jo opened up about her COVID-19 epidemic love story with Taran Gray in an interview. She met him on Hinge during the pandemic and they had a virtual romance for three months before making it official without meeting in person.

“It genuinely did feel like I was in a Love Is Blind episode as I was going head over heels in love for this human via a screen,” she said. How could she have such feelings for someone she’d never met before? she wondered aloud.

In addition, Taran tacked on “There’s no doubt about it! It was a strange experience to think back to those days. Despite this, everything seemed to be going so well.”

“They say you often end up discovering what you’re searching for while you’re not seeking, and that’s truly what happened with us,” Jo said in a sweet and obvious statement. She continues to regale us with tales of their undying adoration.

When they finally met, she said, “I feel that beginning time truly worked in my favor as we were dazed by the physical connection because of which we truly got to know one another profoundly on an emotional level, which made that actual physical association when we did ultimately first meet all that more exceptional and special.”

The newlyweds are looking forward to moving in together and starting a family now that they are legally married. However, this is just the beginning of a great life together for them. They have stood by for so long.


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