Does Passion Fruit Have Nutrition Facts? Is It Beneficial For Health?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 20, 2022

Passion Fruit is a purple-colored fruit that grows in hot and humid climates in South America, Australia, and India. It has a soft pulp and seeds.

People eat seeds and pulp, which are also ground in the form of juice and consumed. The fruit is found on a vine, and more than 500 varieties of this fantastic fruit are found in several parts of the world.

How To Consume Passion Fruit?

Passion fruit is mainly consumed with a spoon by extracting pulp and seeds from the rind. The seeds are edible and can be ground along with the pulp in a juicer.

Both the pulp as well as the seeds have rich nutritional value. Dieticians, nature therapists, and doctors have discovered several health benefits of consuming it.

Does Passion Fruit Have Nutrition Facts? Is It Beneficial For Health?

Some other ways of consuming passion fruit include:

  • Adding the juice to other common fruit juices such as orange juice,
  • Making a fruit salad with yogurt and other fruits,
  • Making into jelly and jams,
  • Boiling the extracted pulp into a syrup with which other foods such as sauces and desserts are made.

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More A Health Tonic Rather Than A Fruit

Passion fruit has been found to be a rich source of nutrients, most of which are anti-oxidants. The common nutrients in passion fruit include:

  • Vitamins A, B6, and C
  • Potassium 
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium 
  • Iron Fibre
  • Niacin
  • Phosphorus 
  • Folate 
  • Zinc 
  • Sodium 

Health Benefits

  • All the vital nutrients in the fruit contain antioxidants that help reduce stress and anxiety and reduce heart diseases to a large extent. Anti-oxidants help reduce free radicals. The antioxidants present in the passion fruit are beta carotene, riboflavin, carotenoid, cryptoxanthin beta, and nicotinic acid. Antioxidants also help improve blood flow to the brain, the nervous system, and the body. This promotes good health and is the prime reason stress and anxiety are reduced.
  • Passion fruit pulp contains dietary fiber. This beneficial nutrient helps reduce cholesterol in the blood. A moderate amount of dietary fiber also helps prevent constipation and stomach disorders, thereby improving digestion. The dietary fibers in passion fruit also help in colon detoxification
  • One of the greatest benefits of consuming passion fruits is the low glycemic index. It controls blood sugar levels, helps the body absorb insulin, and further regulates blood sugar levels. The nutrients do this in passion fruit which improves insulin sensitivity and helps prevent diabetes.
  • The nutrients in the seed and pulp of passion fruit help boost the immune system in the body. Vitamin C plays a major role, and it helps the body absorb more iron from plant-based food. The vitamins retard the growth of cancerous cells as the anti-oxidants in this fruit are anti-carcinogenic.
  • It is one of the very few fruits that contain natural Phosphorus. Phosphorus helps regulate blood pressure naturally in the body. This is one of the biggest health benefits of consuming in its natural state. Another nutrient in passion fruit that helps regulate blood pressure is potassium.
  • It has a soothing effect on the body and helps cure insomnia. Insomniacs do not need to consume sleeping pills, leading to other health complications. 
  • Passion fruit is a natural mood enhancer and is great for curing and reducing depression.

Passion fruit is a great fruit to consume, and its numerous health benefits are a bonus.


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