Dua Lipa Sued For Alleged Plagiarism On ‘Levitating’ From ‘Live Your Life’: Hits Second Copyright Issue

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 10, 2022

The famous American pop star Dua Lipa has landed in a lot of trouble. An American band has sued her, Artikal Sound system. This has happened because the American Popstar has been booked for copyright infringement. The band has claimed that the pop star’s smashing levitating was copied from the song live your life produced by the band in 2017.

It is a massive allegation for a pop star in the first place. Her entire career is at stake. Not to forget that this hasn’t been the first time that she has been booked for such a lawsuit. 

Dua Lipa Sued For Alleged Plagiarism On 'Levitating' From 'Live Your Life' Hits Second Copyright Issue

Current proceedings

According to the latest report, the British pop star is being used to have used this song’s copyright rights. The case is being proceeded in Los Angeles federal court. The band is claiming a vast amount of compensation. It has maintained a uniform stand throughout the preceding that the British Popstar has not produced her smashing levitating all by herself. They have produced evidence in the court of law concerning the similarities in both music albums that they could account for over the period. 

To find a case of copyright infringement, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant had access to the music album. The band could produce additional amounts of evidence that we could satisfy this requirement. We had been in the position to satisfy that Lipa had access to the track, and she also had every possible opportunity to hear this track before she could have made that all by herself.

The defendant in the case has been in the position to ask for a considerable amount of relief from the court of law. The defendant wants that the profit booked by Popstar from this music album is shared with him, and additional damages for the loss of reputation have also been claimed throughout proceedings. This is a considerable amount that the pop star has to pay for the allegation that has been filed against him. 


It is essential to mention that this hasn’t been the first time this pop star has been booked for these allegations. She has been able to register for maximum growth, but these allegations try to play with her goodwill and reduce her reputation. It has been many times before, and these allegations have been continuously forged on her. While the cases are pending in the court of law, this has affected her market value. Hopefully, one day she would be in the position to get over all of these things and on a good fortune for herself. 


One can say that these allegations are enough to affect the reputation of any person. It has affected a lot of people who genuinely liked the work. It is expected that she would be better positioned to enjoy herself one day. All of this has been able to make her incur a lot of loss in the first place. This is definitely going to affect her long-time career.

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