Engagement Rumors!!! When Did Phoebe And Paul Start Dating?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 6, 2022

In December of 2021, the singer shared an Instagram photo of the two of them that cemented their relationship. After the Met Gala in 2022, the two were spotted out with friends.
During Coachella, the singer apparently referred to him as her “fiancé.” This sparked engagement rumors on social media.

Rumors Of An Engagement Between Phoebe And Paul!! Are They Dating?

Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers met when they were both in their twenties. This couple from Normal People started dating in the year 2020. When the 26-year-old singer tweeted that she was a fan of Normal People in May 2020, it all began. In response, Paul, the show’s central character, tweeted, “I’m officially dead.” On Instagram Live later that month, the two claimed to have met for the first time.

Engagement Rumors!!! When Did Phoebe And Paul Start Dating

When asked about his partner in a GQ interview in November 2020, the Irish actor said, “To have someone to rely on during such a crazy, wild moment has been great.” I’m not sure where I’d be if it weren’t for her.” That same year, Phoebe debuted the video for her song Saviour Complex, which starred Paul. After a year of flirting, the pair made it official in December 2021 with an Instagram post. As soon as Paul and Phoebe’s connection was revealed to the general public.

In the year 2020, the first rumors about them began to circulate. When the American musician referred to him as “the darling lad” in an interview, their fairytale romance began. Bridgers admitted to NME Magazine that she “felt a tiny pitter-patter in my heart” after finding out he was following her on Instagram.

For her song Savior Complex, Paul Mescal appeared in a music video in 2013. At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Film Gala, Phoebe and Mescal made their red carpet debut after a little absence. The following month, they went public with their love for one another on Instagram.

This Valentine’s Day, Bridgers also shared a lovely black-and-white photo of the two of them on the social networking site. It’s impossible to describe how adorable this photo is.

As a star of the comedy Normal People, Paul is most known for his role. He portrayed Connell in the television drama. Despite the fact that he has never made an official statement about their relationship, he has hinted at the possibility of having a girlfriend on numerous occasions.

When things got stressful, Mescal said, “having someone to lean on was amazing.” Mescal agreed. Without her, I don’t know where I’d be.” Phoebe has never hidden her sexual preferences from anyone.

According to those who don’t already know, Bridgers is bisexual. She had previously stated that coming out in the closet had strained her relationship with her mother.

While speaking to Them Magazine about her coming out as bisexual, the 27-year-old recalled the reaction of her mother, who was present at the time of the interview. “She was like, ‘No, you’re not,’” she went on to describe the conversation.

It wasn’t permissible for the I Know the End singer to have men over, “but I was profoundly authorized to have girls around,” he claimed. It made me realize that “No, truly. We’re f***ed,” was the only option.

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